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Finding Hope in Fukushima


Four years ago, the Fukushima 1st Nuclear Power Plant melted down due to the tsunami that hit Japan on 3.11.2011. It's a day I will never forget! I was near Nagano at the time for our annual staff retreat (where I'm heading later this week). The 9.1 earthquake triggered a disaster that is etched in my memory forever.

The members of Fukushima First...

not going as planned

imageThis week hasn’t gone as expected. Even tonight, we had dinner plans that fell through because a friend isn’t feeling well. I made lunch on Thursday for a friend who told me at the last minute that she didn’t feel well and couldn’t come. A few other get-togethers were cancelled – and all of this extra “free...

First Grade!

imageOur little Abbi started first grade at our neighborhood public elementary school. This is a Japanese public school, which operates in only Japanese. All the textbooks, teacher’s notes, and classroom activities are in Japanese. Just writing this reminds me, Casi, of the seemingly impossible task ahead of us. I find myself wondering often...


What does this assignment involve? Learning a new culture. Teaming with other believers. Worshiping with them. Serving under a Japanese pastor. Making new friends in the community. Sharing Christ with them. Linking them to the church. Using your gifts, abilities and interests. Making disciples. Trusting God to build His church...

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