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Putting a wrap on the A2 Global Leaders' Summit

Jakarta sunset 500From Jakarta, Joe Handley puts a wrap on the A2 Global Leaders' Summit:

"Thank you everyone for praying for us this week we've been here in Jakarta, Indonesia for our Global Leaders Summit with Asian Access and it has been a fantastic week... C.B. Samuel from India has been investing deeply in our lives, helping us grow stronger in Christ, grow stronger in community, and helping us as we build capacity of those leaders that we work with, so that we can be about investing those things in others' lives across the Asia. Today folks are going home to twelve different countries, and I pray that...

A2 Global Leaders' Summit 2016: day 3 reflection

imageDear Friends,

I asked Yoshiya Hari, Assistant National Director of Asian Access Japan about his highlight from day 3 of the Global Leaders' Summit wrapping up in Jakarta. Yoshiya was honored to lead worship—the first time he's ever done so in English—today for the group of leaders from a dozen countries.

Yoshiya appreciated C.B. Samuel he...

A2 Global Leaders' Summit 2016: day 2 reflection

joe reflection day2 protected screenshot 2016 04 21Joe Handley sat with a long-time friend of Asian Access to ask what his highlight was from day 2 of the Global Leaders' Summit held in Jakarta. He was impressed with both the teaching on community earlier in the day and practicing it in the afternoon. Please be praying for this conference as it wraps up on April 22. We'll continue posting updates...


What does this assignment involve? Learning a new culture. Teaming with other believers. Worshiping with them. Serving under a Japanese pastor. Making new friends in the community. Sharing Christ with them. Linking them to the church. Using your gifts, abilities and interests. Making disciples. Trusting God to build His church...

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