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The latest about the ongoing relief efforts in Japan

Mission Network NewsI just returned from Japan, where Asian Access collaborated with Churches Helping Churches to put on another pastor's retreat in the disaster zone in northeast Japan. While there, I was interviewed by Mission Network News(12.05.11) about the ongoing relief efforts—how they're impacting the community, as well as the pastors who lead this work. You can read the MNN article here...

I am posting my full interview here so that you can be more informed as you pray. Here are a few of the things you'll hear:

  • Why are pastors crying? And what are they crying for?
  • Pastor Adrian De Visser shares at a pastor's retreat?Why did we invite a pastor from Sri Lanka to share with Japanese pastors? 
  • Why are pastors key leaders in the relief work? And why do they feel guilty?
  • What do Japanese government leaders really think about local churches and pastors?
  • What are Japanese people desperate for?
  • Why did a woman give up her wedding ring?
  • Why are some 'roadblocks to faith' being removed? Why are their hearts open like never before?
  • How did a church in hard-hit Ishinomaki experience tremendous growth?
  • Why hundreds of new missionaries are needed and what will they do?
  • How can we be praying for Japanese pastors and people?

I hope you enjoy listening to my interview, conducted by Greg Yoder at MNN. Thank you so much for your interest in the Japanese people and our work among these wonderful people.

{enclose mnn/12-06-11JoeHandley.mp3}

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