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A strategic partnership for Japan by Asian Access and SIM

Asian Access and SIM USA partnership sends more church-planting missionaries to Japan

Our strategic partnership uniting Asian Access and SIM USA is aimed at sending more church-planting missionaries to Japan. By leveraging the strengths of the two mission agencies, we hope to maximize effectiveness toward the goal of sending more missionaries to places where Christ is least known.

Asian Access president Joe Handley explains, "SIM brings the stability of operational support that we needed and the mobilization horsepower to help us fulfill our vision and mission for Japan.”

Asian Access partners with SIM to recruit and send missionaries to Japan to plant churches. SIM assumes responsibility for recruiting missionaries, as well as the financial accounting and related human resources functions of missionary training and home-based care. Asian Access retains responsibility for championing the overall vision in Japan, managing the strategy of missionary deployment through its vast network of Japanese churches, and caring for Japan-based missionary personnel.

Asian Access and SIM remain independent, each maintaining our distinct and separate ministry and board of directors.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Asian Access is a 55-year-old mission organization that pioneered short-term English-teaching missions to Japan. The organization now develops leaders across Asia to multiply churches. Founded in 1893, SIM works on six continents with 4,000 missionaries. SIM USA is based in Charlotte, N.C., and SIM globally sends missionaries from 65+ nationalities.


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