Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Japan’s Triple Disaster

By Dan & Casi Brown

We all have triggers in our lives. These triggers could be an event, a word, a certain place, or circumstance. For many in Tohoku, earthquakes are a trigger. On February 13th, almost 10 years to the date from the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Northeast Japan, we experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, labeled an aftershock of that disastrous event. This aftershock was a trigger for many in our community in which we live.

image“Would anyone like to join the PTA?”, asked Ryli’s kindergarten teacher to a room full of parents after the school’s entrance ceremony. Everyone just smiled politely yet no one seemed too eager. I, Casi, hadn’t given PTA much thought before this. The first year Abbi was in kindergarten we had just gotten to Japan, so...

imageWe’ve been in Japan for just over a month now. The settling in process has come in phases. It took about a week to totally get over the time difference and even longer to unpack all of this!

Then Abbi got to go back to school to finish the last two weeks of her first grade year. School life felt familiar and helped create a...

image1 couple + 3 kids + 11 suitcases+ 10 carry ons + 12 hour flight = Trip Home to Japan.

We are heading to LAX today! The six months in the States have been a crazy wonderful adventure. Taking six months off of “regular life” with three kids isn’t a vacation, but we did get a chance to slow down a bit and reflect. Living with the...

imageWe got back to San Diego at the beginning of the month and we hit the ground running visiting people and getting as much grandparent time in as we can. In just three weeks, on Saturday, March 5th, we’ll be heading back to Japan. It has been quite a visit. We’ve been all over the States reconnecting with friends and family, but now...

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