We’ve been in the States exactly one week today. It has been quite a week! Dan’s parents came out from Texas to welcome us back too. Some of the highlights from the week include introducing the girls to the cereal aisle at Walmart, Mexican food, girls’ shopping dates with the grandmas, seeing friends at church, starting swim lessons, and more.


It’s been a great week, but not without its challenges. On our third day Landon got a fever. Later that day he broke out in a rash. It looked like hand, foot, mouth disease, which had been going around before we left Japan. Although caring for Landon was difficult, as he was very irritable and woke up every hour for several nights in a row, I was personally very encouraged by God.

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When we first went to Japan I posted many times about dealing with illnesses. The language barrier was so challenging that I often resorted to thinking, “If we were in the States this would be easier.” I have recognized that way of thinking as a lie. Finally, by the end of our three-year term I had learned my lesson. After dealing with a recent illness my first response was not reverting to old ways of thinking (previous post here), rather I had peace that God would care for us.


Now, after our first week in the States we have dealt with a fever, a crazy rash, plus jet lag. I experienced the truth that dealing with illness is not necessarily easier in the States, in fact it’s difficult anywhere. I am thankful for the blessings of healthcare and medicine that is easily available. I pray that I remember next time we are dealing with illness to keep my focus and trust on God who provides, heals, and guides us through the uncertainty.


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