We have been waiting for the arrival of Landon and the day has finally arrived. Casi’s due date was on February 25th, but Landon decided he didn’t want to join us then. At Casi’s doctors appointment, they decided that they would let her go one extra week before inducing. I joked with Casi saying, “Watch Landon decide to come Monday, the day before they induce.” Well, that is exactly what happened.

It was a normal Monday. Casi had been having small contractions starting at 6am. By 8am her contractions were stopping her in her tracks. We decided it was time to go. Casi’s mom is here and we were able to leave the girls with her. The other tricky thing was that her dad was arriving that day at 11am!

We went to the hospital and they let her know that she was in active labor and the baby would be coming that day! We were so excited. I scrambled and made a few phone calls to have a friend pick up Casi’s mom and the girls and take them to the airport to meet Casi’s dad. We are so thankful to have a great church family!

Casi and I were at the hospital with Yuki, Casi’s dear friend and Pastor Makito’s wife. Yuki has been amazing! She went to all of Casi’s appointments and was there for the labor and delivery as well. We were are truly blessed by her and Pastor Makito! We could not have done this without their selfless sacrifice. Thank you Matsuda family!

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On Monday March 3rd at 1:18pm, Landon arrived. He weighed a whopping 8.5 pounds! That is a whole 2 pounds more than Abbi and Ryli at their birth! Casi did amazing and both mommy and Landon are doing great. God has been so faithful and we stand in awe of what He has done and is doing.

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We joke that Landon wanted to come on his “own terms” and not be forced out. The other funny thing is that Landon was born on ひな祭り (hinamatsuri) or Girl’s Day in Japan! Well Landon, it is just you and I in a household of girls and a whole lot of pink! We love you Landon!

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