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How does God work out details like He does? Today we’ve been blown away with how God can be in the smallest of details, literally!

We were getting ready for school like any other day. Abbi sat in a high chair, playing hairdresser, while I braided her hair. However, today Ryli also got excited about the idea of mommy doing her hair like a hairdresser and waited eagerly for her turn. This is very rare for Ryli, as she usually doesn’t like to fuss much with her hair. I “just so happened” to part her hair in just the right spot and saw something so small move. At first I thought it was a little spider. I got closer to grab it, but Ryli moved and it scurried away. Something wasn’t sitting right with me, so I thought I should go wash her hair. As I was washing it a thought entered my mind, “We brought lice shampoo, just in case, when we moved to Japan”. I haven’t thought about lice or this shampoo since we moved here. I’ve never had to deal with lice before and even at this point I wasn’t sure what I saw in Ryli’s hair. Dan proceeded to wash her hair again with lice preventative shampoo. During this time he found the bug again! He was able to get it and we stuck it in a zip lock bag. Once we got a good look at it, we could see it appeared to be lice! We called Ryli’s school to let them know she wasn’t coming today. Then we called our pastor’s wife to ask which doctor we should go see.


Dan cleaning all of our sheets in super hot water in the bathtub. Our washing machine is only cold water.

It crazy how something so small can change the course of the entire day. From that point on we were on an adventure. Yuki, our pastors wife took us to the doctor. We brought our little bug in the zip lock bag. But when we got to the doctor we noticed there was a little white ball beside the bug in the zip lock. Could that have been it’s first egg? The doctor found no eggs on Ryli and no other lice. Phew!!


Eating dinner at McDonalds and celebrating after our shampoo party!

After the doctor we bought the lice treatment shampoo, treated Ryli to a special lunch and had a shampoo party when Abbi got home. The doctor said it was not necessary to treat everyone since there was no evidence of eggs, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

The night ended up at a coin laundry to clean every piece of fabric we’ve touched in past few days, but it wasn’t all that boring as we got ice cream to eat while we waited. We also got to eat at McDonalds for dinner.


Waiting for our clothes to finish drying on ‘high heat’.

I can honestly say, besides the feeling of slightly wanting to throw up after seeing the lice for the first time in the bag, I had an overwhelming sense of joy, peace, trust, and awe of God today. This could have only come from my relationship with Jesus. Today’s great adventure lead to some wonderful conversation with the girls too about how God is in all things, even the smallest of details. Even though we never expected this for our day, He already knew every detail. Wonder what’s in store for us tomorrow…I’m thinking it will be a good day to rest.

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