Most of you heard through Facebook or our prayer email that Abbi was in the hospital for six days with pneumonia. She’s been out for two weeks now and finally life seems normal again. She is regaining her strength and almost done with her medicine.


Abbi after 3 days and many antibiotics

We are so thankful for God’s healing of her body but another miracle happened during this process which is also worth praising.

We’ve had a lot of experiences at the doctors! When we first came to Japan, Ryli (then 1.5 years old), had bronchitis; Both girls had fevers of 104 for four days which lead to IVs; I gave birth to Landon here; and we’ve had plenty of less serious doctor’s visits in between. In our area everything is in Japanese. This adds to the already normal inconvenience of going to the doctor and makes it that much more harder to navigate. Almost every time we have to deal with a new illness my first reaction is to let out a big sigh. Thoughts like, “Ugh this is so hard, it would be easier in San Diego” would flood my mind. It’s easy to entertain those thoughts but I have learned to quickly pray and press on.

Well, when I was faced with the news of Abbi being admitted with pneumonia it was different. In the past three months I have been going through a bible reading plan with a group. I’ve sensed more and more of how Big and Mighty and Able our God really is. My understanding of Him has grown even more, so this time I didn’t revert back to the thinking, “This would be easier if I lived in the States”. Instead I had this peace and confidence that God’s got this, whatever the outcome would be. This is really just a testimony to the peace that exceeds anything we can understand from Philippines 4:7. Plus, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that we even have healthcare available to us. What a different response. What a different heart.


Abbi and her favorite nurse

Yes I did cry for my daughter and her pain, but at the same time fully knowing and resting in the truth that our God is able to show up and show off in anything. May he get all the praise for caring for my daughter and bringing me to a new place of trust in Him.



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