Tonight was quite a night. We found out this afternoon a friend we played with earlier in the week got tested and had influenza. It’s been going around in higher numbers this year and everyone seems to been on high alert. So when all three of our kids got fevers this week we took notice. It started with Landon Wednesday, then Ryli and Abbi Thursday. Today Landon’s fever was basically gone, but the girls’ fever still fluctuated between 100-102.5. We figured we better get everyone tested just in case.

Sure enough all three kids’ tests came back positive with influenza. We had warned the girls before going to the doctor that they typically test for the flu by sticking something like a Q-tip up your nose. We told them it will feel uncomfortable for a second and then will be over. Abbi became anxious. She had the same procedure done last month when she had pneumonia and remembered not liking it at all. But tonight when it came time for the flu test the nurse asked Abbi and Ryli to just blow their nose in a special tissue. That was literally all they had to do. Abbi was so overwhelmed with joy. Even after we found out the results and we’re waiting for our prescriptions, she kept saying over and over, “God blessed us because we didn’t have to do the nose thing”. How sweet, even in he middle of influenza she can see God’s care and blessings.

I pray as we navigate another sickness I too, like Abbi, will be overwhelmed with joy by God’s care and blessings.

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