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We are now in a new rhythm of life since Abbi started school. Even though language is still difficult and we struggle to communicate at the level we desire, life actually feels normal. Being part of the local elementary school has blessed us more than we expected. It’s also been great to see fellow students while we are out and about in our community. We are enjoying school life, but as we look at the calendar we can see lots of stuff is on the horizon for the Brown Family.



Eight weeks from today we’ll be moving from our home. When we move out we will spend a few nights at our pastor’s home, then two nights with friends in Tokyo before flying out September 2nd.

As I, Casi, was thinking about this blog post, I remembered writing something very similar six weeks before we came to Japan (found here). Only having eight weeks left feels like a mix of emotions, kinda crazy, and simply unbelievable. We still have two weeks of school left. Then there’s summer break with all of it’s fun; ministry events, water play, summer festivals, and barbecues. Plus, we are packing for the six months while we are in the States, and preparing everything else for storage here in Japan.

From now until we leave our prayer has been to enjoy the moment and not get preoccupied with future plans and all of its unknowns. We don’t know exactly what the next eight weeks will look like, but they are bound to be full of great memories.



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