We’ve been traveling!! October 13th started a two and a half week trip around the States. About every five to six days we boarded a plane. We started in Northern California catching up with family and friends we hadn’t seen since before we left for Japan. On our way to Boston we had an extended layover in Washington DC to visit a friend. Then we stayed with friends near Boston for a week. After that we went to our mission organization, SIM’s headquarters in North Carolina for a time of reconnecting, debriefing, and talking about the future. Finally we landed in Texas October 30th just in time for Halloween fun with the cousins.


The past three weeks in Texas have gone fast. While in Texas we’ve enjoyed settling down a bit and getting into a new rhythm for doing life and school with the girls. We have loved having lots of time with Grammie and Papa (Dan’s Parents), brothers, sisters-n-law, niece, nephews, aunts, and cousins. We also got to travel to Oklahoma for a short time to visit friends who moved. While there we visited their church’s kids’ group that we had sykped with while we were in Japan. It was such a blessing to connect with the kids in person and bring them Japanese snacks.

This week is already Thanksgiving and then we head back to San Diego next Wednesday for the month of December.

As we reflect on the past couple of months and all of the people who have hosted our family, invited us into their homes, treated us to a lunch or dinner out, showered our kids with presents, or went out of their way and traveled to meet us, we are overwhelmed with thankfulness. We feel so loved and cared for. Thanks to everyone, even those of you reading this, for being part of our journey.

Here is a video we made from an app that records 1 second of everyday. Enjoy this little video as it follows our journey thus far.

Watch: 1 Second Journey

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