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Happy New Year from Texas!!

We just got back to Texas on December 30th, in time to celebrate the New Year with the Brown family.


“Goodbye” – off to Texas

As we drove away from grandma and grandpa’s house in San Diego, we had a sweet and honest talk with Abbi and Ryli about traveling again and how hard it is to say goodbye. It seems like each time we depart from one location the goodbye feels hard because we all know it’s just a small taste of what is coming when we say our big goodbyes at the beginning of March when we return to Japan.

We also talked about the life God has called us to as missionaries in Japan and how we would be facing many goodbyes during this journey. But despite how difficult goodbyes may be, they are accompanied with saying hellos. It was hard to leave Japan, but what joy it was to be reunited with family and friends in the States.

We know March will be really challenging but it will also be awesome to see God bring us back to Japan and be reunited with friends there.

The conversation concluded with an acknowledgment of the difficulties but an assurance that God will help us, and that we will get through this together as a family.


On the plane with their cousin Trayce

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