1 couple + 3 kids + 11 suitcases+ 10 carry ons + 12 hour flight = Trip Home to Japan.

We are heading to LAX today! The six months in the States have been a crazy wonderful adventure. Taking six months off of “regular life” with three kids isn’t a vacation, but we did get a chance to slow down a bit and reflect. Living with the grandparents for the full time gave us the maximum opportunity to soak up as much grandparent time as possible. We made lots of sweet memories.


After our final weekend we had a send off party. After that night Casi described the feeling as being overwhelmed with encouragement. It was the best way to wrap up this chapter and prepare for a brand new season of life as we return to Japan.


It is horribly sad to say goodbye to family and friends, especially now that our kids are getting older and understand more, but at the same time we have a greater hope in God’s goodness and His faithfulness to us in easy and difficult times.

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