We’ve been in Japan for just over a month now. The settling in process has come in phases. It took about a week to totally get over the time difference and even longer to unpack all of this!image

Then Abbi got to go back to school to finish the last two weeks of her first grade year. School life felt familiar and helped create a good rhythm of life. After that was about a two and half week spring break before the new school year started.

In the past month we have been attending Sunday services with our partner church. We served at a ministry event for the 5 year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami, we celebrated our welcome back and youth students that graduated with a party, and hosted a gathering in her home for missionaries. We’ve had doctor and dentist appointments, play dates and outings too. All of these things makes life feel “normal”…well as normal as it can feel living in a foreign country where you can only moderately speak the language.



But now, finally settled, we start a whole new season of life for the Brown family. Today was Ryli’s first day of school. Dan and I also restarted our Japanese studies today. Abbi and Landon started school last week. (Landon goes to his daycare just three times a week.)


We’re thankful to feel settled in and also thankful for a new rhythm of life. Praying for the new upcoming season. I’m sure there will be lots of opportunities to learn, to make mistakes, and to give each other Grace.

This is been a beautiful start to our second term in Japan!

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