“Would anyone like to join the PTA?”, asked Ryli’s kindergarten teacher to a room full of parents after the school’s entrance ceremony. Everyone just smiled politely yet no one seemed too eager. I, Casi, hadn’t given PTA much thought before this. The first year Abbi was in kindergarten we had just gotten to Japan, so I felt way too new to join. During the second year I was pregnant then had Landon. Again it seemed like too difficult of a time. However, for some reason, after the teacher asked this question (well technically it was in Japanese so it may have been worded differently) I felt compelled that now is the time. With that, I approached the teacher and signed up.

We just had our first meeting last week. As we sat around the tables the other moms began talking about the different positions and committees of PTA. I figured “Surely, I will get a free pass. No one expects me to volunteer for anything”. But then one of my friends came over and encouraged me by saying (in Japanese), that even with my limited language abilities I could serve on one of the committees. So I volunteered. Now I’m not just volunteering for the PTA but I’m on a committee for the PTA.


Casi with her PTA parking pass for all school events

This is a whole new world for me, yet I can already sense the start of an adventure. As usual, communicating and understanding Japanese will be a challenge. Also, since this is my first year volunteering I’m not exactly sure of all that PTA has to do throughout the year. But despite the potential challenges of this adventure, what I really feel is excited. This next year will bring lots of opportunities to learn, make new friends and serve Ryli’s school. I am eager to see how God will work through PTA, a seemingly unexpecting place.

This Wednesday is our first official meeting. Please pray with me.

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