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imageOur weekly trips to the mall started a year and a half ago as a convenient place to have dinner after Japanese class. However, it has turned into so much more. The mall is not just a place to eat and shop, but now we can see opportunities to build friendships, practice and learn Japanese, and for God to be glorified.

Every week there seems to be at least one person we connect with. But last week something so beautiful happened that gave me hope that God can use anything, even when things don’t go the way they “ought” to.

imageOur San Diego trip was just two weeks long, but it felt like it took two weeks to recover from jet lag, unpacking all of our luggage and sorting through all the food, presents, and souvenirs we brought back.

While in San Diego many people asked “how does it feel to be back home?” It may seem like a simple question, but the word home...

img 5556Most of you may know that we are heading back to San Diego today for two week trip. Dan has been asked to speak at Community Bible Church’s Missions Conference Sunday, May 4th. We are amazed and blessed by this opportunity to go back and see everyone.

As blessed as we feel, the ever so daunting international plane ride with 3 young...

jer15 e1396052556677Landon’s first name has been picked out for over five years. I’ve been praying for him by name since last year before I even got pregnant. But picking out a middle name was more of a journey.

Months of pregnancy went by with very little thought to what his middle name would be. There always seemed to be more pressing things that needed...

photo 21We have been waiting for the arrival of Landon and the day has finally arrived. Casi’s due date was on February 25th, but Landon decided he didn’t want to join us then. At Casi’s doctors appointment, they decided that they would let her go one extra week before inducing. I joked with Casi saying, “Watch Landon decide to...

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