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2014 has been a busy year at Asian Access. Here are some highlights from the past twelve months...


Thoughts on Persecution and a Call to Prayer

Persecuted PastorPersecution is alive and well in Asia. This fact sometimes escapes me as I travel in the region. Our A2 national leaders are so gracious that I am often lulled into complacency as I visit with our A2 participants and hear about what God is doing in their area... Read more

What’s Really Happening through Asian Access in my Country? video clip

David Dayalan on youtubeDavid Dayalan, national director of A2/India, talks about what's happening through the Asian Access leader development program there. He highlights the need for more and better leaders in order to reach a nation. Looking at the lives of alumni and current participants in India, David reports life transformation... Read more

The Need for Leadership in Asia's Expanding Church

Praying PastorKatey Hearth speaking with Joe Handley of Asian Access about the needs for leadership in the rapidly expanding Church of Asia. Listen to the interview... Read more

What is Asia’s Role in the Great Commission?

Mission Network NewsWhat role will Asia play in the Great Commission in 16 years? What will things look like in 2030?

Hear Joe Handley share with Mission Network News... Read more

Leadership plays a critical role in Hong Kong protests

(Photo courtesy Flickr/CC/Pasu Au Yeung)Hong Kong (MNN) — Tensions are rising in Hong Kong. Protestors, upset over China’s involvement with a new CEO, have threatened to occupy government buildings. Then, they demanded the resignation of the chief executive. A former British colony, Hong Kong returned to China’s sovereignty in 1997. China promised... Read more

Vision 2030

Joe and Visionary PastorIt’s been a tremendous week in Seoul. 30 leaders from an important and strategic country, not named due to security reasons, gathered to prayerfully plan their strategy for a vision God put on their hearts leading to 2030. They want to send 20,000 missionaries from their country and plant 2,000 churches outside their country by 2030. Nearly every day... Read more

Investing in women, too, so churches can multiply video clip

Mary Jo WilsonBeing a female leader can be a lonely road. But Asian Access is investing in these leaders to help each of them in their context. And as they're in the A2 community, they are mutually encouraged and learning from each other... Read more

Beginning of Reconciliation between Japan, China

Japan and ChinaJapan (MNN) — It was supposed to be a photo-op, but instead, it was an awkward handshake between the leaders of China and Japan meeting in Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Summit. The body language of both leaders made it clear that a lot of work lies ahead of smoothing out... Read more

Reaching Japan’s Forgotten People - With Down Home Gospel video clip

Risen Christ Gospel ChoirHow do you comfort people trapped in a refugee existence? How about old-fashioned African-American gospel music—in Japan! It’s been over three years since the triple disaster struck Japan on March 11, 2011. A massive earthquake, devastating tsunami, and nuclear-plant meltdown killed thousands, wiped out whole communities, and left hundreds of thousands displaced... Read more

Amazing Pre-Christian Evangelist

Amazing Pre-Christian EvangelistA few weeks ago, I was attending Pastor Joshua Hari’s church near Tokyo. Joshua is an assistant director for Asian Access/Japan and the lead pastor for this dynamic congregation. His church began a new outreach by providing a weekly community exercise and stretching program for young mothers. On this particular morning, a young mother... Read more

Rebuilding... for a New Ministry

RebuildingA disaster strikes. People help. The helpers leave. Then, the rebuilding begins. Camp Morigo first opened in 1960. Owned and operated by Oasis Chapel (located in the Sendai region of northeast Japan), Camp Morigo served as a full-service Christian camp for decades. Then, the... Read more

Persevering Through Persecution

the Persecuted ChurchNoel Becchetti, Vice President for Leader Development for Asian Access comments on ministry challenges in two countries where Christianity is growing the fastest. According to The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, both countries are located in Asia. These countries, which cannot be identified for security purposes, also happen to be places where A2-supported pastors are sharing the Good News of Christ and making disciples... Read more

Life-Giving Water for Bangladesh  video clip

Garment workers in BangladeshIn one of the poorest countries in the world, where garment workers labor under harsh conditions, Asian Access is partnering with InterVarsity to build the Living Water Centre (LWC)—a multi-purpose training and conference facility in a country where land and buildings like this are scarce... Read more

 Lifetime Appointment

Ron & Maureen McMahonThe Asian Access board unanimously and enthusiastically elected Ron McMahon to serve as the lifetime honorary chairman of our board. It was a deeply meaningful time together as we reflected on Ron's 23 years as our chairman. Because of Ron's great leadership, we are well on our way to celebrating 50 years of ministry in 2017. Prior to Ron's tenure, ... Read more

The Little Engine that Could

The Little Engine That CouldWhen I first interviewed with Asian Access over six years ago, I told the board, “This is one of the best kept secrets in mission today.” Why? Because I was in cross-cultural mission leadership for more than 20 years and had no idea of the impact of the mission... Read more

Giving is Worship

Giving is WorshipI've been reflecting on my giving practices. I inherited an amazing treasury of generosity from my parents who are some of the most generous people I have ever met. They practice the truth of this passage in the Gospel of Luke... Read more

4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

4-Star Rating from Charity NavigatorAsian Access’ sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned it a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator. This puts Asian Access in the top 7% of charitable organizations reviewed by Charity Navigator... Read more

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