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Give Now!Asian Access is announcing that it is receiving donations for the current flooding crisis in Japan and is directing those funds to provide relief where most strategic in terms of long-term impact.

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Following a typhoon and historic rainfall in southwestern Japan, over 200 deaths have resulted. Here are some recent reports:

  • Alan Taylor of The Atlantic reports that, by July 12, the death toll reached 200 in the devastating Japan floods.
  • The Independent reported that “Yoshihide Suga, the government’s chief cabinet secretary, said 204 people were now known to have died with 28 still missing, following the country’s worst weather disaster in 36 years last week. But he added: ‘People still need to be aware of the possibility of further landslides.’ " They added “Authorities have also struggled to maintain clean water supplies to those affected by the flooding, making the task of reducing the risk of disease spreading even harder.”

Asian Access Wants to Help

In response to this crisis, Asian Access has decided to help Japan in important ways consistent with our mission. Our first priority is always the nationals. Asian Access prioritizes its response based on the three types of people/organizations involved in disaster relief:

  • Nationals and residents who live there, have been through the disaster, and will stay. Asian Access listens first, and well, to these nationals and residents
  • People and organizations with a previous connection to the region and the people
  • People and organizations who are involved because of the disaster.

A2 disaster philosophy excerpt graphic

Focus: Long-Term Demonstration of Christ’s Love

Our focus is on the long-term demonstration of Christ's love through the Church to a community or region. We desire to identify and respond to long-term needs rather than short-term emotion. Asian Access is interested in the long-term opportunity to develop leaders who can demonstrate Christ's love to a community or region devastated by disaster. In other words, our focus remains on our core mission.

Working Through A2 Graduates & Existing Relationships

Asian Access has graduates and relationships with pastors/leaders in these areas. The churches in these areas are engaging in relief to their communities. Our role, as always, is to come alongside to help these pastors/churches as they have needs. 

We are in active contact with current disaster area leaders and continuing to update and respond to needs as they are occurring.

Disasters Require Strong Leaders and Relief Work Develops those Leaders

Asian Access affirms that disasters and disaster response is part of leader development and that responding to negative events and incidents are a natural part of holistic ministry. They are part of ministry, not a deviation.

Latest Update

  • One of our partners in responding to the Kumamoto earthquake, Kyushu Christian Relief Center has been gathering information. They are researching the Chugoku regions (Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures have been flooding). 
  • Ehime prefecture (Shikoku Island) may not have enough help from government or other relief organizations.
  • In regard to relief teams that might be interested in coming in the near future we will work through existing disaster networks to discern what is needed on a case by case basis.

Currently, A2/Japan National Director and its Board are gathering funds in Japan to come alongside the disaster area churches and leaders in reaching out to the disaster area as part of our holistic mission. Specifically, Asian Access will assist them in developing strategy and come alongside as partners to provide physical, professional, emotional, and spiritual resources as God permits us. The principles and priorities remain the same.

Options for Giving

A. RELIEF: For those who want to give to the immediate critical crisis needs, donations can be given to agencies that specialize in relief:

  • World Vision Japan decided to work through DRC Network ( which was created after 2011.
  • Food for the Hungry (FH, has decided to come alongside in Okayama Prefecture related churches.

B. ASIAN ACCESS will channel funding toward the long-term strategic area of leader development in the disaster zone. A2 will charge an administration fee of only 3% in order to get more funds into the places that need it most.

We appreciate your consideration to give toward Japan disaster relief.

And thank you for your ongoing prayers on behalf of the people of Japan.

You can help Japan now!

Give Now to the Japan Disaster Relief Fund lock

Click the red button below.

Thank you for considering giving to help flood victims in Japan.

Give Now!

...or send your check to Asian Access, PO Box 3307, Cerritos, CA 90703.

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