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Churches from all over Japan are delivering physical and spiritual aid through local churches in the affected areas.

by Jeff Johnston

shiogama-front-sunSHIOGAMA, JAPAN (A2) - What are Japanese churches doing in response to the devastation brought by the earthquake and tsunami?  In Part 1, we learned from Pastor Yukimasa Otomo that they are trying to show people the love of Christ.

In this clip, Pastor Hajime Gohira of Sekiyado Chapel (Keisen Christ Church) shares that his group of churches has sent financial donations, as well as supplies to local churches in the disaster zone.

In fact, Japanese churches all over the country are donating supplies and volunteers to deliver both physical aid to Japanese people.  Churches were among the first to respond.  They are partnering with local churches, like Shiogama Bible Baptist Church in the hard-hit areas, hoping that Jesus will shine brightly into each of these communities.

But churches are also sending volunteers, including their pastors!  And with shovels in hand and boots on their feet, they are going house to house asking for how they can be of service.

Pastor Gohira says that when these volunteers from other churches go out to help in whatever ways they can, they do so under the banner of that particular local church in each community.  This practice opens the door for these churches to follow up on these people in the future.  People in plight are quite happy to receive a helping hand at such a tough time in their lives.

Pastor Gohira graduated from Asian Access' leadership development program (JCGI Network) a few years ago.  We are thrilled to see pastors and churches involved in this relief ministry stand in the gap during this critical phase of relief.

If you do not see a video player, you can view it here.

How will you be involved?

You can pray that God's love and gospel would go out into each community . . . or give financially to help provide supplies for these churches . . . or help get a relief team together from your church or school fellowship.


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