Jeff Johnston

Reflections from Japan's Disaster

On the First Anniversary

We’ve compiled a series of reflections on Japan's triple disaster on March 11, 2011--the Earthquake, the Tsunami and the Nuclear Crisis in the Tohoku region--on the occasion of its one year anniversary.

Interactive Reflections:

This monumental disaster has deeply impacted the nation and it will never be the same. Though it was horrific, there are now signs of hope emerging in Japan. And we are encouraged that the Japanese Church is one of the leading bearers of hope for the nation--because it is bringing the whole gospel to the people, and most of all, Jesus the Hope of the Nations.

Please take some time to walk through the reflections here, written by our own folks in the A2 Community over the course of the last year and designed by Joshua Clayton, a gifted A2 creative team member.

Above all, keep praying for the people of Japan and the Japanese local churches committed to serving them so faithfully.