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Noel Becchetti set to become A2’s VP for Leader Development

For Immediate Release

Noel Becchetti - 2012 ARTESIA, CA (A2) Asian Access is pleased to announce the imminent appointment of Noel Becchetti as vice president for leader development. Through September 30, Becchetti is currently Executive Director for Truthseekers International, a ministry committed to spiritual and social freedom for the oppressed lower castes of India. He will assume his new role with Asian Access on October 1, 2012.

Asian Access is a non-profit ministry devoted to developing leaders who multiply churches across Asia, the most populous continent. Its vision is to see a vibrant community of servant leaders leading the Church there. Having launched ministry in Japan in 1967, Asian Access is now actively training church leaders in ten countries with plans to expand into an additional ten in the next few years.

With bold expansion plans on the horizon, president Joe Handley decided the organization needed to create the new position to build momentum.  Since becoming president in June 2008, Handley has been functioning in dual roles. Now to identify a skilled director who can bolster the movement of leader development, he turns to someone he knows well.

“Having known and watched Noel's leadership for 20 plus years,” Handley says, “I am honored that he would join the Asian Access family and bring his incredible array of wisdom and talent to our work in leader development.”

Joe adds that he and Noel had “led together on ministry teams for Azusa Pacific University's Mexico Outreach program,” as well as “one of the first multi-national high school student missions conventions in Mexico City.”

Handley believes Noel’s intrinsic ability as a team player and experience in cross-cultural ministry contexts makes him nicely suited for spearheading the work team charged with pastoral training across Asia. Furthermore, working with Truthseekers provided experience in India, one country where A2 currently operates.

The new role seems to fit him philosophically as well. Noel possesses tremendous experience in church leadership, as well as an abiding love for the Church and Asia.

"The Kingdom of God on earth is expressed and advanced primarily through the Church,” Becchetti asserts, “and the Church is expressed and advanced through the ministries of Godly, gifted leaders. A2 is one of the most effective ministries I know in growing, mentoring and supporting effective leaders in the most dynamic mission field of our time, Asia.”

The upcoming vice president states, “I'm thrilled and humbled to join such an amazing team of men and women."

Noel and Kyle Becchetti Becchetti lives in El Cajon, California with his wife Kyle, who currently serves as director for operations for Truthseekers. She maintains an active license to practice law in California. The couple has two grown children and this year became grandparents for the first time.

  • You can read Noel and Kyle Becchetti's biographical profile here (PDF).
  • If you’d like to reach Noel personally, feel free to contact him via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • To read Joe Handley’s blog post about Noel’s appointment, click here…
  • For more information about Asian Access, see

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