Thankful for our Asian Access/Japan Team

What a blessing to be with our team here in Tokyo yesterday for our Thanksgiving banquet. It was so fun just being with everyone and experiencing a little Americana together.

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My highlight was when we were sharing stories of gratitude with one another and Barbara Bauman shared a wonderful story. After two decades of faithful ministry summed up in the principles taught in her 2002 book, Discovering the Joy of Parenting, one of the first class participants, Sanae, is taking a new step of faith. Sanae came to a mothers group nearly 20 years ago and has been faithfully learning and growing ever since. She’s been an active Bible reader, learning so many wonderful lessons about parenting from the Bible. 

But, she had not fully dived in to Christ’s embrace until this year. One of her kids who had grown up said,

“Mom, you read the Bible so much, why don’t you get baptized?”

This came from a child who has yet to fully embrace Christ himself! Isn’t that amazing? So, next year when the timing is right, Sanae has decided to go ALL IN. She wants to get baptized when her children can be with her to signify this great move in her life.

What a blessing to hear this remarkable story.

Kudos to Barb and Gary Bauman too for their faithful witness all these years. They never gave up! Talk about being ALL IN with God! Gary and Barb, you inspire me!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


Joe Handley

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  • Discovering the Joy of Parenting
    • image Developed over a period of seven years while ministering to Japanese mothers and learning their key parenting needs, Discovering the Joy of Parenting is now being used throughout Japan, and has been translated and adapted for use in other Asian cultures. The Baumans are in the midst of a fairly extensive 15 year anniversary revision, projected to be published November 2017. In 2018, they are hoping to print the Discovering the Joy of Parenting Teens book which addresses additional areas beyond the scope of the original “elementary-years-focused” book.