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Countdown to an historical gathering


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In just a few weeks, Asian Access will be deeply involved in what one article in Christianity Today has called "The Most Diverse Gathering Ever". They recently published the article on Cape Town 2010 in the magazine's September issue. The importance of this event is significant as several leaders echo what one person recently said:

"What happens at this Congress will reverberate throughout the worldwide Body of Christ for decades to come.  There is no other event like it.  There may not be another gathering of this magnitude in the next 20 years."


The event is led by Asian Access missionary and board member, Reverend Doug Birdsall, the executive chair of the Lausanne Committee on World Evangelization.

A2's Lausanne ad for Japan Harvest, fall 2010 issue

In addition to Doug's role, several board members and staff members are playing key roles.

  • Former Asian Access board member, Mrs. Grace Mathews, serves as the Director of the Programme Committee.
  • Reverend Ajith Fernando, Asian Access Reference Council, will be a plenary speaker.
  • Reverend Adrian De Visser, Asian Access Vice President for Partnership Development, is the Lausanne International Deputy Director for South Asia.
  • Dr. David Bennett, Asian Access board member, serves as Senior Programme Advisor and Plenary 2 Coordinator.
  • Reverend Kenneth Fong, Asian Access Reference Council, is on the Reference Council for the Congress.
  • Dr. Sue Takamoto, Asian Access missionary, is on the Leadership Development Working Team.
  • Mr. Jonathan Kohl, Asian Access board member, serves on the Business as Mission Working Group.
  • Mr. Bobby Ryu, former Asian Access missionary, is on the Theology Working Group.
  • Mr. Elliott Snuggs, Asian Access missionary, serves on the Arrangements Committee.
  • Mr. Mark Larsen, Asian Access Finance Director, is on the Finance Committee.
  • Mr. Ned Kiser, former Asian Access VP for Development, is Chief of Staff for the Chairman’s office and joining him on that team is Mr. Bruce Johnson, former Asian Access VP for Leadership Development.


Furthermore, a number of Asian Access Country Directors, Faculty, Board Members and Reference Council members will join me as delegates at the Congress.

I believe this event has enormous potential for the future of World Evangelism. It likely will set the pace for the Church for the next two decades. I invite you to join us in praying for the Congress.

Also, if you would like to participate, there will be a number of Global Link sites where you can participate from your country. For those of you living in Southern California, my friends at Biola University are hosting one of these sites.

Thank you for praying for us and praying for Lausanne. As you pray, you can use Billy Graham’s advice to us as a key reminder:

"Keep evangelism at the center. Make Christ your focus.  Base everything on Scripture.  And pray, pray, pray."



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Joseph W. Handley, Jr.


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