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Day 6 @ #capetown2010

Doug Birdsall with the Maeharas and Pastor Ariga at the Birdsalls' 30th anniversary with Asian Access celebration.  

Doug Birdsall with Rev. & Mrs. Maehara and Rev. Ariga

Asian Access hosted a wonderful gathering during Cape Town 2010. Over 75 people were in attendance including alumni, faculty, staff, board, reference council and supporters. It was a great family experience as we celebrated Doug and Jeanie Birdsall's 30th anniversary with the mission. And what a night to celebrate -- in the middle of one of the high points in the history of our mission: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, led by Doug Birdsall.

It was a grand evening as leaders were introduced and several shared appreciation for both Doug and Jeanie in ministry. Reverend Paul Ariga, Chairman of the Board of JCGI Network in Japan, and Reverend Toshio Maehara, International Board member, presented Doug with a beautiful scroll of the Cherry Blossoms of Japan. And, Maureen and Ron McMahon, Chiarman of the International board, presented Jeanie with a beautiful arrangement of flowers from South Africa.

Pastor Ariga and Mr. Maehara present gifts to Doug and Jeanie Birdsall to celebrate their 30th anniversary with Asian Access.

The Birdsalls were presented with gifts to commemorate their 30 years of faithful service.

Three presidents of the mission were present: Steve Hoke, Doug Birdsall and myself. And our founder sent in a special video message to Doug and Jeanie. It was such a wonderful family time tonight as we celebrated all that God has done in Doug and Jeanie's life and Doug shared the principles he learned in ministry under Uncle Ken and Auntie Jan.

Many shared the incredible qualities of their leadership but Reverend Adrian De Visser took a unique path, highlighting why he has chosen to serve with Asian Access. He noted how the ministry wasn't about establishing its own identity, or about controlling the ministry from outside. Rather it's a different, unique model and he praised Doug for his role in establishing that and encouraged me for continuing things in that vein.

Doug and Jeanie were honored for the way the raise their family, their commitment as a couple, the leadership and relationships that they have formed and ministry they established. It truly was a celebration of their life in the middle of what may prove to be one of the most significant events in the history of Asian Access: Participation in the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.

Bless you, Doug and Jeanie. We love you and are proud of what you are doing this week. And, as uncle Ken reminded us at the close of the evening, we are eager to see what this next decade of ministry is going to bring for you. This next decade may indeed be your finest hour! So press on to that high calling that God has in store for you!

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Joe Handley

Joe and other board members offer prayers of thanksgiving for and a blessing on the Birdsalls. 

Here we offer our prayers of thanksgiving for and blessing on Doug and Jeanie.

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