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South India class 1 member Solomon sharing at his graduation ceremony.Pastor Solomon from A2 / S. India shared this quote from pastor Warren Wiersbe in sharing his testimony about the last two years with Asian Access. Solly, as we all now call him, was part of the first graduating class from S. India, an impressive group of church leaders spanning several denominations. 


South India class 1 graduation group shot

They have caught the vision to see a vibrant community of servant leaders leading the church across India and Asia. Now, they're working to replicate the ministry in the cities they are from: Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. What a thrill to see a vibrant community of pastors form who are committed to identifying, developing and releasing emerging kingdom to unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Christ!Core to this movement is always the essential outcome from A2's Essence but more importantly from Scripture itself, Living in a love relationship with God, for "without him, we can do nothing" (John 15:5).

As Solly went on he praised and thanked Pastor Mike Hoisington for his investment in their lives. Mike serves as the S. India Resource Coordinator for Asian Access as well as a core faculty member and mentor. The beauty of this movement, this vibrant community, is that Mike and the vast majority of the greater A2 family of leaders are volunteers. So, while A2 has a small organizational support team, the movement is really a volunteer endeavor to see pastors developed who will lead the church across Asia in the coming decades.I often hear Solly's words expressed by others, "Joe, we are hungry, eager, desperate for spiritual fathers;" what Solly called in quoting Warren Wiersbe: 'Every Pastor Needs a Pastor... Every Pastor Needs a Friend!'

Mike, thank you, and for all the A2 volunteer network of pastors, thank you for building this vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character and competence who are leading the church across Asia. God is pleased with what He sees... Well Done, Good Faithful Servants!

Mike Hoisington sharing with one pastor at South India class 1 graduation week.

A tea break with Mike Hoisington and a pastor from South India's graduating class 

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Asian Access passes baton to Japanese leadership

Japan (MNN) — Asian Access has officially passed the baton of ministry in Japan to the Japanese leadership.


International Day for the Unreached 2022

June 5, 2022 is the International Day for the Unreached

A third of the world still lacks access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are no local churches, no Bible in their own language, and no local believers.


Celebrating the 2020 Vision & Passing the Baton in Japan

The 2020 Vision:

To deploy 100 church multiplication teams:
  • to establish 1,000 reproducing congregations...
  • to enfold 1,000,000 new followers of Christ...
  • who will, in turn, send 1,000 missionaries from Japan to the cities of Asia...
  • that will be home to 1 billion people by the year 2020 AD.


Japan quake triggers trauma

Japan (MNN) — Authorities warn residents of northeast Japan to prepare for potentially strong aftershocks in the days to come. A 7.4-magnitude earthquake rocked the region on Wednesday night, killing a handful of people and wounding hundreds.


Fuchida and DeShazer: Stories of Transformation


Christianity is about the power of the Gospel to transform our lives.

I want to share with you a real-life story of two sworn enemies – Fuchida, a Japanese commander and DeShazer, an American pilot. The setting is in World War II.


The Leaders Must Come from Outside!

The Christian subculture challenge

A few years ago when I met with a Japanese Christian leader to catch up on each other’s lives, we discussed the challenges of the spread of the gospel in this nation and dreamed a bit about how to build upon the many partnerships that have been developing between Christian groups here in Japan. During our conversation, he surprised me with an unexpected comment:


Fukushima prayer drive challenged my skepticism

In Japan, Fukushima Prefecture is arguably the region most impacted by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. In addition to the earthquake damage up and down its seacoast, three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant experienced meltdown when tsunami waters disabled their cooling systems.


Asian Access Japan Report • Dec 2021 (Japanese)


The December 2021 Report has been published in Japanese and is now available here...


Christ-like Leadership

"walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."
– Ephesians 4:1


Sunday ‘Zoom Church’—with no morning message!

How one Japanese congregation responded to the COVID-19 pandemic 

WHEN I TALKED TO PASTOR YOSHIYA (JOSHUA) HARI, THE NATIONAL DIRECTOR FOR ASIAN ACCESS JAPAN, his church had already been dealing with its own crisis before the coronavirus came. After over 20 years in the same location, in 2019 the congregation of Saikyo Hope Chapel was told they had to vacate the building they were leasing because it would be demolished. Finding a similar facility for the same price proved to be extremely difficult, so from February 2, 2020, they found themselves alternately renting one of two local community centers for services each Sunday.


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