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Meng and Joe

Pastor Meng Aun Hour (pictured here with me) was recently traveling with me in the U.S. and shared this kernel of wisdom. He originally thought that in order to see his church grow and multiply, that he should focus on the church ministry.

However, he joined Asian Access as a volunteer nearly 12 years ago because he was challenged from his participation in our program. What did he learn?

In order to "grow the church,"
it's best to "grow the leader."

This, he thought, was real wisdom.

Pastor Meng, National Director of A2/Cambodia, now spends much of his time investing in leaders both for his church and his nation. He has seen the fruit of this truth that through developing the leader, the Church grows and multiplies.

One of the pastors in the class was a commander during Pol Pot's reign of terror known as the "Killing Fields." This man was brutal before he met Christ, but God got ahold of his life—and he's never been the same. He came through the A2/Cambodia leader development process a few years ago and since graduating has planted more than 300 churches in the center of the area occupied by the former Khmer Rouge people. Most of these new churches have 30-90 people of whom the vast majority had never heard about Christ before. It's simply amazing!

The power of reproduction in the model Jesus created two centuries ago: invest in twelve select disciples and see them multiply! "If you want to grow the church, grow the leader."

Please pray that the current leaders in the A2 program will allow God to change them, develop them and transform them.  This will, in turn, bring growth to His Church across Asia.

If you want to grow the church, you must grow the leader!If you want to grow the church, you must grow the leader!If you want to grow the church, you must grow the leader!If you want to grow the church, you must grow the leader!

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Japan prohibits international spectators for Olympics

Japan (MNN) — As cherry blossoms bloom across Japan, the country has barred international spectators from the rescheduled 2021 Summer Olympics due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. 600,000 people bought tickets to watch the games in-person.


Lessons on Brokenness & Business

Reflecting on the Ten Years since Japan's Triple Disaster

By Sue Plumb Takamoto


In Part 1: "Looking Back on Ten Years: Finding Beauty in Brokenness", I highlighted the unimaginable damage and challenging aftermath from Japan’s March 11, 2011 Triple Disaster—a 9.0 earthquake that triggered a tsunami and caused a nuclear power plant meltdown.


Looking Back on Ten Years: Finding Beauty in Brokenness

Reflections on the 10-Year Remembrance of Japan’s Triple Disaster

By Sue Plumb Takamoto


There is beauty in brokenness. This is a message that we all need to hear right now.


Today marks 10 years since 3.11 Triple Disaster in Japan

Japan (MNN) — On this day 10 years ago, a triple disaster rocked Japan. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake sent a tsunami hurtling into the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Three reactors melted down, spewing radioactive material into the air. Read a complete timeline of the disaster here.


Groundbreaking shifts resulting from Japan's Triple Disaster


Translated by Mary Jo Wilson

Q: What are some of your initial thoughts as we stand at the ten-year mark since the Triple Disasters hit Northeastern Japan?

Well, my first thought is that it’s hard to believe it’s been ten years. The time has gone so fast. From this vantage point, it’s clear what a huge turning point it was, both in my life and in the life of my church, and I could say even in the life of the church across Japan and for Asian Access Japan. It’s been a huge turning point.


Learning to Be Good News

Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Japan’s Triple Disaster

By Kent Muhling

As the ten-year commemoration of the March 11 disaster approaches, many of us think back to our experience of that day and the days that followed. I am reminded of some of the lessons I learned then, lessons that continue to shape our ministry today.


Remembering 3.11 and the Gospel of Hope


Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Japan’s Triple Disaster

By Dan & Casi Brown

We all have triggers in our lives. These triggers could be an event, a word, a certain place, or circumstance. For many in Tohoku, earthquakes are a trigger. On February 13th, almost 10 years to the date from the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Northeast Japan, we experienced a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, labeled an aftershock of that disastrous event. This aftershock was a trigger for many in our community in which we live.


Transformation Through Tragedy

Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Japan’s Triple Disaster

By Eric Takamoto

So many of the images and memories from the triple disaster are as vivid today as when I experienced them ten years ago. I realize in reflecting on those experiences that they have changed me forever.


Kintsugi and the Gospel: Remembering the 10 Year Anniversary in Japan

But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.
2 Corinthians 4:7


Leaders Matter

The last few years, the idea of leadership has taken a beating. Whether it’s the critique of “elites” in our cultures or the overuse of the word leadership by various training and educational institutions. In many ways I agree with these concerns and it is why Asian Access does what it does in focusing on Christ, Character, and Servant Leadership.



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