Vision 2030

It’s been a tremendous week in Seoul.

30 leaders from an important and strategic country, not named due to security reasons, gathered to prayerfully plan their strategy for a vision God put on their heart leading to 2030.

They want to send 20,000 missionaries from their country and plant 2,000 churches outside their country by 2030.

Nearly every day of the conference someone shared how Asian Access set the stage for this vision to develop. They praised the environment fostered by Asian Access of bringing key leaders together, building trust, and investing in one another’s lives as creating the soil or atmosphere in which this type of collaboration could happen.

It was an inspiring week as we heard from global leaders like Christopher Wright, Doug Birdsall, Luis Bush and Michael Oh.

Vision 2030

Christopher Wright

Vision 2030

Doug Birdsall

Vision 2030

Luis Bush

Vision 2030

Michael Oh

I was humbled and honored to share about the importance of non-formal education in preparing leaders for the work of the Church in the future.

This same group met last year, prompting this powerful post: A Pastor’s Reflections on the Asian Church Leaders Forum

I believe this year was even more powerful as most of the key movers and shakers were present being able to set the groundwork for the future. The gathering was much smaller but in my estimation far more strategic. I think it is telling that Jesus spent most of his time with only 12 men. For it is investing in small groups of key leaders that you can have the most leverage and impact.

To learn more about this movement as a whole, review this article by my predecessor Doug Birdsall: Lausanne ’74: Stewarding the legacy

I believe God is going to do great things in this nation as these leaders continue to meet. They inspire me and I’m praying for them and walk with them in their journey! I hope you’ll join me in praying for them.


Vision 2030
Joseph Handley
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