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Day 9 @ #CapeTown2010 

While partnering was the theme of our final day here in Cape Town, the day began with an hour of prayer. It was a great way to begin our last day appealing to the Lord as we've listened to him all week. We were reminded that prayer is the most useful weapon available to all of us it is the least used.

This was augmented with our final biblical reflection on Ephesians 6 where Ramez and Rebecca Attallah shared that "our weapons are not carnal, they are spiritual."

So prayer became the prelude to hearing and thinking about partnership, our last theme of the Congress. Patrick Fung, leader of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF), shared with us the importance of our Lord's model in the Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit working together as a team.

Partnership is a journey of friendship and one that entails sacrifice for the Cross is at the center of reconciliation.

If we are going to reach this world, two things from today's message will be crucial:

  1. Prayer must be central as Christ is the only solution.
  2. We must work together for God has called us and modeled for us unity.

Finally, Celebration

In our final communion service together all themes were brought together in a Kenyan Anglican liturgical service. Here Lindsey Brown, from International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), pointed to 2 Corinthians 4:1-7 to summarize the hoped for outcomes of Cape Town 2010:

  • Our Unwaivering Mission: To Present the Truth of Christ
  • Our Model of Ministry: Walk in a Manner Worthy of Christ
  • Our Focus: Don't Lose Heart

For further insights on the Congress, review Lausanne's excellent Daily Review Blog:


Christian Community Credit Union Matches $10,000 for Pastor Leadership Training in Asia

I am thrilled to share an announcement released by Christian Community Credit Union. . .

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(San Dimas, CA, December 8, 2010) Christian Community Credit Union donated $10,000 in a matching grant campaign to provide pastor development programs in Asia. In partnership with Asian Access, the amount will provide leadership development programs to pastors in nine countries as well as help launch the Asian Access ministry in Bangladesh.

“I am grateful to Christian Community Credit Union for investing in this program that will make a difference. Their encouragement through this matching gift is a tribute to their commitment to Christ and expanding His Kingdom,” says Joseph W. Handley, Jr., President of Asian Access. “What a joy to see more pastors trained with vision, character and competence to lead the church of the future.” 

The donation was made possible through Christian Community Credit Union’s “Cards that Give to Missions” credit card program. Every time cardholders make a purchase using their Credit Union credit or debit card, the Credit Union donates to missions like Asian Access and other ministry projects. The donation is based on a portion of the interchange income the Credit Union receives from retail merchants.

“It’s a blessing that we have the opportunity to help build God’s Kingdom while serving our members’ financial needs,” says John Walling, Christian Community Credit Union President/CEO. “Thanks to our members’ use of their missions-giving credit and debit card, everyday purchases can help change lives in an eternally significant and God-honoring way.”

With assets over $500 million, Christian Community Credit Union has over 29,000 members worldwide and has served as a financial partner to Christian churches, ministries and their members for over 50 years. 

Asian Access is an interdenominational evangelical organization that works throughout Asia to identify, develop and release leaders who serve as pastors of growing and reproducing churches.

For more information about “The Cards that Give to Missions” credit card program, please call 800.347.CCCU or visit myCCCU/cards.

 Joe with two brothers from Bangladesh

Asian Access President Joseph Handley, Jr. with two pastors from Bangladesh. Christian Community Credit Union’s $10,000 matching gift will help provide pastor development programs in Asia.

The last few days I've been in Sri Lanka with the 5th graduating class of pastors in the country. It's been a great joy spending time with the pastors and their families. What a spectacular event! Sri Lanka should be proud of the way they honor their graduates with such a wonderful culturaldisplay and spiritual tone during the ceremony.

Several testimonies were shared how lives were transformed, families renewed, and ministry plans strengthened. It was such a wonderful example of the fruit of investing in key leaders lives. There are several dozen pastors now who are committed to "unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel across Asia." These are pastors with vision, character and competence who are leading the church today.

In this video clip, Adrian De Visser, Asian Access Vice President of Partnership Development shares a personal message of appreciation for Dr. Gary Parrett, who is recovering from a tragic accident last summer in South Korea. Gary is a good friend and the Resource Coordinator for Asian Access/Sri Lanka.

Video Description:
On behalf of the A2 community, Rev. Adrian De Visser shares at the Asian Access/Sri Lanka leader development graduation on January 22, 2011 to express appreciation and well-wishes to Dr. Gary Parrett, who is still recovering from a serious bus accident in Seoul, South Korea in July 2010. Dr. Parrett has been serving as a teacher, mentor and friend since the program was launched nearly 10 years ago. Gary's long road to recovery and current health updates can be found at:

The last few years, everything has looked quite grim for the Japanese people and their beautiful country. Recently, I was reading a discouraging report by The Economist magazine, which conducted a comprehensive analysis of the economy and the social impact of an aging population. It highlighted what the field leaders of Asian Access/Japan have noted for a few years. The aging of the population is a significant challenge.

jpn026Coupled with this report has been the ongoing news of increased suicides, family fragmentation, and a sense of enormous pressure and high anxiety within the overall society.

In the midst of this difficult news, I recently learned of a few bright spots which have heightened our sense of hope as a mission.

One church has seen 200 new followers of Christ since going through the Asian Access leader development ministry. Another reports seeing 300 people coming to Christ this past year alone!

These reports show that hope is on the horizon. For when the economy is struggling and peoples lives are down, they are looking for hope. And several hundred have found this hope in the person of Christ. In the midst of these difficult days, many are finding serenity and peace like they've never seen before.

The joy of Japanese Christians can impact Japan's hopeless.This is indeed a special season for sharing the Gospel in Japan. Despair leaves people wanting and hope is available. Pray that we can build on these points of light and see many more find true joy and true peace in Christ.


Bringing A2's Pastoral Training to Bangladesh

This week, Asian Access leadership met with many of the top Christian leaders in Bangladesh. Led by Adrian De Visser, Vice President for Partnership Development, this team that included faculty member Richard Brohier from Australia, the leader of A2 in another country and myself as well.  We spent two full days connecting with key church, mission and denomination leaders.

Several expressed a deep longing for this type of in-depth training believing that a stronger commitment to discipleship was important for emerging church leaders. Peter Halder, CEO of a national ministry, expressed it this way, "Many of our pastors lack this type of in-depth discipleship and biblical background. They have done well at evangelism and church planting, but we need a broader and deeper commitment to discipleship for the church to flourish." 

It was great for me to visit my friend Peter and his colleagues. Peter has invited me to his country for over 15 years and I now was finally able to join him. What a joy to spend time with him and his wife Nancy and see the work of their ministry.

Asian Access hopes to launch in Bangladesh sometime this year and this gathering of key leaders was a good step towards that future. Adrian De Visser has spent the last two years networking and laying the foundation for this and now it looks like we have a new horizon in front of us. Bangladesh will be the first predominantly Muslim country that A2 ventures into so we are thrilled to have this unique opportunity to strengthen the church and see what fruit the Lord brings. 

Pray for us as we enter into this new horizon. The challenge may be immense, but the opportunities are well worth it.

For His kingdom,

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Asian Access taps veteran missionary for brand new post in Japan
It is with great joy and enthusiasm that the Lord has called a new Vice President for Asian Access/Japan. Mary Jo Wilson, a 25-year veteran church multiplication missionary with Asian Access has been appointed to begin her assignment on March 1, 2011. The Lord has clearly gifted Mary Jo for such a time as this, as you will clearly see in this video interview.

Introducing Mary Jo Wilson
(watch video on YouTube:

Mary Jo Wilson started as a 3-year missionary with LIFE Ministries (now Asian Access) in 1983 learning language and teaching English. Soon she became an advisor to our summer and one-year short term missionaries. From there she spent seven years in our U.S. Headquarters, specializing in recruiting and assessing potential missionaries. It was during this time that Mary Jo married Michael L. Wilson, and God blessed them with two children, Stacia and Brandon.

After this home office assignment, the Wilsons sensed God calling them to Japan. They moved to Tokyo in 1994, where Mary Jo served in Church Multiplication through our unique facilitator model of church planting for six years. Most recently, she has served for seven years providing leadership with husband Mike in Okinawa for launching two Church Multiplication Networks and starting a third. During this time she also served as a team leader for the Asian Access/Okinawa mission staff.

Over the course of her career, Mary Jo has achieved the top level of Japanese Language Proficiency. Currently, she is working on an MA in Global Leadership at Fuller Seminary's School of Intercultural Studies. What she has learned over the last 25 years has undoubtedly qualified her for this new post that Asian Access created in order to accelerate its church planting ministry in Japan.

To congratulate and connect with Mary Jo, you can reach her through via her A2 staff profile or on Facebook. Or feel free to leave a comment here.

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By Joe Handley


The last few days have proven to be memorable and horrific. It has been overwhelming to watch the images in Japan. We are called to act to bring the love of Christ to this hurting world. We trust that it will be a special moment for the work of God in Japan.

Yesterday Japan was jolted by the largest earthquake to ever hit this country, creating a tsunami of devastating impact. You've seen the reports of cities around Sendai that have been nearly completely destroyed. Other towns and villages along the sea coast have seen the same horrific condition. At last the last reporting, nearly 1300 people are either lost are killed in the aftermath of this destructive force.


I am with our Asian Access/Japan staff on retreat near Nagano, where another quake (7+) hit early this morning. Everyone is okay, but the quakes certainly gave us pause and concern. We have been praying fervently and are convinced that this is a "kairos" moment for the Church in Japan. This is an historic opportunity for the Church to be the Church and rise up to serve the needs of the country in the name of Christ. We at Asian Access believe that God has called us similar to how Mordecai spoke to Esther centuries ago, "you have been called for such a time as this."

The Lord has uniquely positioned us with one of the largest and broadest networks of churches across the country. We believe the Lord would have us serve as a catalyst to "unite the church" to "extend the transforming power of the Gospel" as our mission statement directs. Interestingly enough, our new VP for Japan, had been planning a luncheon for this retreat to help us look at disaster preparations—on March 12, the day after the earthquake hit! In addition, several of our staff just went through a special course to assist the country in situations just like this one.

So, we are poised and ready to respond and now looks like the kairos moment for the church to rise up and make a difference, and in so doing, see transformation happen on multiple levels (spiritual, physical, social, etc.). We are networking with the church across the nation to mobilize the body of Christ for action and we invite you to join us in this 'kairos" opportunity. Pray for Japan, for the church and for us as we prepare to come alongside the church and other partners to deliver aid and respond with well-prepared teams as the opportunities arise.

In this effort, we have set up a special Japan Tsunami Relief Fund for you to invest ( This will provide aid to hard-hit areas, delivered primarily through local churches. There may be no greater opportunity for the Gospel’s advance in Japan than this very hour. In the coming weeks, we'll also inform you of service opportunities, but we need to plan these in cooperation with others to maximize our efforts.


Asian Access missionaries and Japanese pastors in a strategy session planning how we can respond practically. We will first deliver aid through our extensive network of churches, as well as participate personally in relief efforts in cooperation with C.R.A.S.H. (Christian Relief Assistance, Support, and Hope).

Please join us in praying and in giving to help the people of Japan in the midst of this enormous crisis.


Asian Access
P.O. Box 200
San Dimas, CA 91773 USA

At Asian Access, we want to recommend a few select giving options. We realize that there are numerous fine choices for directing your financial assistance. There are certainly many excellent organizations doing great relief work.

However, sometimes it can be daunting to decide where to send your donations. So we offer this simple list to our community to help you narrow your choices, if that's helpful. The organizations on this list are particularly focused on the whole gospel in delivering their aid and we can wholeheartedly endorse their work..

These organizations are listed in alphabetical order:


Asian Access

Giving to Asian Access' Japan Tsunami Relief Fund will go directly toward two objectives:

  1. Funds are being channeled to our network of local churches (across all denominations) that can distribute aid because they are locally present in these communities hard-hit by this disaster. This is how we saw the Church in Sri Lanka rebuild lives after the tsunami of 2004.
  2. Funds are being channeled through CRASH (see below) and will also enable our missionaries and short-term work teams to go into these areas, bringing assistance and the love of Christ. If interested in being a part of a work team:


CRASH Japan is creating partnerships with churches in Japan, so that the relief is locally-based. Asian Access is fully committed to our partnership with CRASH because it is a collaborative effort (of mission organizations and churches) with our shared commitment to the local church as God’s delivery system for ministry. They have tremendous experience in relief work inside and outside of Japan. We personally know the people involved in coordinating this operation. In fact two of leadership team members are Asian Access folks, who work alongside CRASH Director Jonathan Wilson:

  • Rev. Joshua Hari, Coordinator for Containers and Shipping
  • Gary Bauman, Internal Communications Coordinator

Keep in mind that donations to CRASH are not U.S. tax-deductible.

These additional organizations are Lausanneconnections who are working in Japan. They are committed as we are to the 'whole Church bringing the wholegospel to the whole world,' and therefore, we highly recommend them for yourconsideration.


Redeemer City to City


Saddleback Peace Relief


Samaritans Purse


World Relief


World Vision


Keep in mind the this is our "short list." We may add to it, after we learn more about what different organizations are accomplishing.

We continue to thank you for your concern, for your prayers, and for your compassionate giving toward the plight of the Japanese people.


Help us match $1,000,000 to bring relief to Japan following the Tsunami:

Asian Access received a $1,000,000 matching gift pledge to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of those who have been impacted by the devastating earthquakes and tsunami last week. This gift and the funds given to match the pledge will help us achieve our mission for Asian Access/Japan "to unite the church" and "extend the transforming power of the gospel."

Asian Access is working with our vast network of churches across the country (400 pastors and 1800 churches - approximately 20-25% of the congregations in Japan) and with CRASH--a ministry of Grace Church which has grown into the largest Christian coordinating agency--to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of several communities across the nation.

We estimate there are nearly 300 churches in the tsunami-impacted areas and Asian Access has already launched a disaster response team for CRASH to set up a relief base in the affected areas. A few churches are already serving as shelters and are receiving those who have been left homeless.

Help us provide relief to the people of Japan by giving to this special matching pledge! Your gifts will double the impact of the relief efforts.

tsunami-devastationPhoto: Reuters

In this effort, we have set up a special Japan Tsunami Relief Fund in which you can help (see below). This will provide aid to hard-hit areas, delivered primarily through local churches. There may be no greater opportunity for the gospel’s advance in Japan than this very hour.

If you indicate "for Japan Matching Gift" on your check, your gift will be doubled!

Please join us in praying and in giving to help the people of Japan in the midst of this enormous crisis.



Matching Grant instructions...

To give financially, mark your check "Japan Matching Grant"

  • U.S. (US$) - [tax deductible]   
    • Make checks payable to "Asian Access" and send to:
      Asian Access
      PO Box 200
      San Dimas, CA 91773 USA 
  • Canada (CD$) - [tax deductible]   
    • Make cheques payable to "Asian Access/Canada" and send to:
    • Asian Access/Canada Nordel
      Postal Outlet
      PO Box 33016
      Delta, B.C. V4C 8E6 Canada
  • Japan (JP¥)
    • For instructions, email us:
  • Singapore (SING$)
    • For instructions, email us:

Here are some online giving options for Asian Access...

Read Joe's article about the A2 Japan Tsunami Relief Fund.

Stay Updated ...

Want to Go Help?

  • If interested in going or posting a prayer, post on our discussion forum:
  • In regard to service opportunities, we need to plan these in cooperation with others to maximize our efforts. We will be working closely with the CRASH operation "Love on Japan" which is the largest Christian collaboration of organizations and churches uniting for relief efforts in Japan.

Last week, The Mission Exchange, hosted a Global Issues Webinar focused on "The Global Status of Japan Disaster" and interviewed me. . .

The Mission Exchange:

Global Issues logo"In the April 2011 Global Issues Update, Joe Handley, President of Asian Access, shares about the difficult journey facing the people of Japan and the window of opportunity this natural disaster presents for the global church to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus. Many hours of prayer and years of service for the kingdom in Japan have yielded a meager harvest. But there is a growing sense this dark hour in Japan will be eclipsed by the light of hope evidenced by the resurrection of Jesus and the empty tomb of Easter morning."

FREE! The cost to download these global issues updates is usually $19.95, but given the enormity of the situation in Japan, this webinar is being offered for free. Please share this report as broadly as possible so that people can pray and get involved in the relief efforts.

Praying for Japan,
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Joe Handley

More information...

  • Download the PDF with links to the webinar (slides) and audio file.
    • Direct link to webinar media file:

The Mission Exchange
The Vision of The Mission Exchange is to see missional leaders learning, serving and intentionally partnering to accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Jesus Christ -

joe-2010-small_thumb_medium75_75Here's my quick video message to say "Thank You" to everyone who has given to the A2/Japan tsunami relief fund and everyone who has prayed.

The needs are great, but the Church is rising to the challenge.  Please be a part of helping to resource the Church for this endeavor of loving on Japan!

Please continue to pray for the Japanese people to see God's love delivered through His local churches both in Japan and across the world.


Joe Handley

p.s. - If you don't see a video player, you can see the video clip here.

More information...

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