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In Japan, Fukushima Prefecture is arguably the region most impacted by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. In addition to the earthquake damage up and down its seacoast, three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant experienced meltdown when tsunami waters disabled their cooling systems.

Japan 2020 | Connecting through Community Outreach from SIM USA on Vimeo.

Short-term teams and interns will take part primarily in two ministries, both under the leadership of the Japanese Church. First, they will come alongside the local Church to help them host outreach events such as block parties, culture nights, pick-up sports games, dramas, and conversational English practice. These creative avenues to making community connections will leverage the unique skills and gifts of each team...{addthis off}

aomori apple 85 01 600pxHonshu is the largest of the four main islands of Japan. Aomori is the name of the prefecture at the northern end of Honshu. It is a rural prefecture with a declining population, and its economy relies on farming, forestry, and fishing. In early November, I had the chance to travel there to meet with a group of pastors and discuss ways that Asian Access could potentially partner with what God is already doing in the region. On Friday morning, Pastor Shibuya picked me up, along with five other people from his church, to make the hour-long drive to the city of Hirakawa (until recently, one of the last cities in Japan without a church). As we drove to the prayer meeting, ...{addthis off}

I started this ramble a few weeks ago as I was thinking about our upcoming home assignment. Yep, I think it started as a stream of consciousness one night when I couldn’t fall asleep. Although I could probably make it more balanced (and I’m sure loads of blogs and books have been written much better about this), I want to post it as...

R gets back from Indonesia tomorrow. Two weeks is a long time, and I’ve been more tired and forgetful than usual. Yet I want to remember the moments of grace instead of the moments of feeling spent (um…like tonight after arguably my hardest mom day evah!).

Grace #1: I usually take the boys to the car at the same time, but I sometimes...

imageOne of my first words in Japanese 4+ years ago literally translates as “carp banner.” I didn’t realize at the time that Children’s Day is a big deal here and that these banners are flown from schools, public buildings, and many homes. But I was a bit crabby that I could say “carp banner” before I could say...

imageJ started houkuen (daycare) 3 weeks ago. I know I’m just another gaijin (foreign) mom figuring out this houkuen thing, but it has felt like quite a learning curve. Now we’re a little more into a rhythm…and I want to write a touch about it now before the newness goes away. Because, yo, I’m guessing it’s a bit different than daycare in the US and because it’s already beginning to feel normal. Anyhoo, we went in for an interview on a Wednesday, and he started the next Monday...

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