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This week hasn’t gone as expected. Even tonight, we had dinner plans that fell through because a friend isn’t feeling well. I made lunch on Thursday for a friend who told me at the last minute that she didn’t feel well and couldn’t come. A few other get-togethers were cancelled – and all of this extra “free time” wasn’t exactly productive or restful (more disappointing and what-am-I-going-to-do-with-all-of-this-soup). [for journaling and gratitude purposes, things I did and enjoyed include: hiking with R&J on Monday, dinner with our partners and friends, leftover lunch with friends, meeting a new friend at the park who also came over for tea yesterday, a gathering with ladies on my A2 team, a fun play time with kids and mums from the English program during R’s classes, and hanging out with a volunteer team over dinner.] But, yeah, this week didn’t go as I originally planned.

Today definitely didn’t go as planned. I misunderstood a text in Japanese (no big surprise there), and I walked 30 minutes to the boat dock, bought a 2-way ticket, and took a ferry to an island I’ve never been to (all because I thought I was meeting a friend there? or at the ferry? or…I don’t exactly know what I thought I understood). And it was raining and cool. And I was wearing a 23-ish lb. squirmy baby boy. (and said boy has a little cough and drippy nose.)

On the bright side, I saw pretty rain-touched sakura on the walk there.image

On the ferry, I needed to use the loo, so I handed a happy J to an even happier grandma. This lady, in addition to probably everyone else on the boat, really thought it was strange that we were going to her island. Although I tried to explain about my friend’s volunteer work and NPO, I don’t think I was communicating well. Once off the ferry, I walked for a bit with a sleeping J and saw pretty homes and the remnants of where pretty homes once stood (dozens washed away). It was so, so quiet…




I wandered around for about an hour before catching a ferry back. Once again, I wish I knew what it looked like before the disaster – and right after. I didn’t take pictures of the construction equipment, but there were loads of cranes, trucks, etc. I’m curious how the population has changed in the last 4 years. Although it was beautiful, it looked like a hard life and I imagine it’s hard to keep young people there.




Although it wasn’t the day I was expecting (flower viewing with my friend and her baby), I got to meet some interesting people on the boat and on the island as well as see some new sights. Despite the whole adventure taking about 3 1/2 hours, I came home pretty zonked.



This little dude enjoyed the boat (and went to bed early tonight).


After this picture was taken, we went down below as it got pretty bumpy.image

We might be going back there in a week or two, but next time I’ll be pretty aggressive in making sure I understand the plan. Oy, this part of feeling clueless and confused is a rough part about adjusting to a new culture and language. Sometimes misunderstandings are frustrating, sometimes they are funny, and sometimes they are a little bit of both. (and humbling, irritating, defeating, “learning experiences,” adventures, exciting, confusing, tears-inducing…)

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