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Short-term teams and interns will take part primarily in two ministries, both under the leadership of the Japanese Church. First, they will come alongside the local Church to help them host outreach events such as block parties, culture nights, pick-up sports games, dramas, and conversational English practice. These creative avenues to making community connections will leverage the unique skills and gifts of each team. Second, as they begin building relationships and sharing the gospel, they will help deepen people’s connections to the local Church.


Kumamoto & Miyagi, JapanThe Japan 2020 teams will minister in strategic communities throughout the country. Currently, we have identified two key regions where our short-term teams will be headed.


Asian Access/SIM currently has five workers placed in Kumamoto and is working with a church multiplication network there. When a series of major earthquakes struck this region in 2016, many individuals lost their lives, and an estimated 44,000 were evacuated from their homes. Please pray for continued healing and restoration for this community.


Devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011, this region of Japan suffered tremendously. Asian Access/SIM has had 13 workers placed in the Miyagi region since that time, helping to bring good news to those living here. Please pray for the residents and local Church in and around Miyagi.


Deadline to Apply: February 1, 2020

  • To learn more about joining a short-term team in 2020, please click on this link.


Summer 2020 Info: 


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