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a highlight from Obon

It is currently Obon week, which is when it’s thought that the spirits of the dead return to earth.  When I’ve walked around the neighborhood, the smell of incense seems to follow me from house to house.  Beautiful fruit baskets and flower arrangements (and alcohol) are left in front of graves.  Most people have at least part of the week off from work, and stores are crowded and traffic is increased with people visiting relatives.

Yet, despite it being a rather spiritually dark season, I had a really wonderful conversation with a new friend.  Her English is amazing, which is great considering I could say about 2% of this in Japanese.  She asked me about whether it was God the Father or God the Son who spoke to Moses in the burning bush.  She asked me why Jesus had to die, how the Father could allow it, and how Jesus could die if he was God.  We talked about blood covenants, about the holiness and love of God, and about the trinity.  She initiated all of the questions and conversation – it was remarkable.

We’ve met a couple of other times, and each time she has asked a lot of questions about the Bible and faith.  We also talk about celebrity gossip, culture, dream jobs, social media, and more.  We spent close to 5 hours together this particular day in the car, at a restaurant, and drinking coffee.  It was such a good day – a good day with a friend and genuine seeker.  I’m disappointed that she lives pretty far away and is so busy with various jobs.  Yet I’m also grateful for the work God seems to be doing in her heart.

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