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It seems like almost every time I ride the bullet train I am convicted and challenged by the scope of the spiritual need in Japan.  Right now I am on the way to our anual JCGI (Japan Church Growth Institute) confrence south of Tokyo.  JCGI is the Japanese led arm of A2 (Asian Access) here in Japan.  It focuses on training pastors to strenghthen their congregations and to plant churches in places where they do not already exist.  It does seem pretty fitting that I am struck by the need in Japan on the way to this confrence.

As I look out the window cruising along at well over 150 mph I see varying scenes of beautiful landscapes, small villages, and large cities.  There are farmers working, people on the way to the office as well as beautiful mountains and valleys.   There are men on the train with me on their way to Tokyo to work for the week, only returning to see their families on the weekends.  I am looking really hard out the window but I haven’t seen any visible marks fo the gospel.  No crosses or churches.  But everywhere I look I see temples, shrines, and buddhist graveyards.   I am on this train at this speed for two hours and I really can’t see any visible sign of the kingdom of God expanding in this country.  

My world most weeks is very small.  I live in a suburb of a city of about 1,000,000 people.  I am relationally connected to a few hundred people through various ministry and personal connections.  I have hope to see transformation in my corner of Tagajo, Japan.  But as I ride along I really am overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead.  

What does it take for a nation to turn to Christ?

How does such a radical change from rampant idolotry to worshiping the one true God happen?

Japan is a country of close to 130 million people let the Christian population has remained at less than 1% since WWII.  The church is free to proclaim the gospel in any way they want yet we see very few people come to faith.   The world I live my daily life in is very small yet the need is huge.  

I am excited and privileged to be participating in the JCGI meetings over the next few days.  I hope that gatherings like this are a part of the solution.  I pray that God does clearly guide the men and women present in how to lead the Japanese church forward to see the kingdom expand in Japan.  

On the Train

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