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Recently one of our missionaries told me a story about her seven year old son, Noah, who was playing at a friend’s house. Michiko, the mother of his friend made them lunch and called the boys to eat. When Noah came to the table, he innocently asked,

“Can I pray?”

Praying over a meal was not a custom for this family, and it took a while for her to understand his question. When she did understand, she was touched by this little boy’s faith and eagerness. She asked Noah if he could teach her how to pray. Of course he said "Yes!" and proceeded to bless the meal with simple confidence and joy.


The God who listens to little a boy's prayers

When he returned home, he didn't mention anything about this exchange. It was Michiko who told Noah’s mother how touched she was by his sincere faith and kindness. He had taught her to pray, and she was feeling some of his confidence. She brought her kids to the next event at church and has continued to search for more understanding of the God who listens to a little boy’s prayers.


Sometimes we think leading is in the big things we do, but God often uses the simple, unassuming gestures that flow out of our loving relationship with him. It may be in these simple things that God’s power rests—things that even a child can do. Or maybe these are the things children do best. May we learn from Noah’s prayer how to love God faithfully and bring others along in kindness and joy.


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image Mary Jo Wilson serves as VP for Missional Engagement with Asian Access. She spent nearly 20 years in Japan partnering with Japanese leaders to start churches and now oversees our missionary staff.

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