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By David Bennett


The Second Mark: Faithfulness to Jesus’ Word

John 8:31, 32

The second mark of the disciple is found in John 8. Here Jesus is talking to Jews who had believed in him. But their belief was very shallow. They were offended by the statement that Jesus existed before Abraham as the eternal God, the one who revealed himself to Moses in the great name "I Am." So Jesus raised the issue of true discipleship [Read 8:31,32]. The second mark of a disciple is faithfulness to God’s Word.

Jesus knew that there were those who associated with him, yet who were not really learning from him as their teacher. They were not reorienting their worldview. They were not adjusting their behavior, in light of his revealed truth. They were listeners, but not disciples. They were not yet “all in.”

A community of true disciples is one in which the Word of God is at the center of their life. The Bible is recited, and read, and studied, and put into practice. To be a disciple means not only to receive an infusion of knowledge but also to undergo a transformation of character.


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Editor’s Note: David recently shared a devotional for a group of Asian Access leaders at the GProCongress in Bangkok. Entitled The Marks of a Disciple, David’s presentation speaks powerfully to the core values of Asian Access—so much so that we would love to share it with you... 




Rev. Dr. David Bennett is a veteran pastor, global researcher, and a passionate follower of Jesus. He currently serves as Global Associate Director for Collaboration and Content for the Lausanne Movement. David also serves on the Asian Access Board of Directors.

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