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By David Bennett

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The Third Mark: Love for fellow disciples

John 13:34, 35

Jesus' next statement about discipleship is found in John 13, on the night of the Last Supper [Read John 13:34,35]. The third mark of a disciple is love for fellow-disciples.

Not a New Command

The command to love is not new in itself—back in Leviticus 19:18, God said "Love your neighbor as yourself." But the measure of that love is new. The standard is no longer the natural self-love that all of us are born with. The measure is the self-sacrificing love that led Jesus to wash the feet of the disciples. It is the love that led him to death on the cross for their redemption. Jesus was calling his disciples to display this love so consistently and openly with one another that even people outside the community of faith would recognize Jesus as the source.

Jesus was staking the effectiveness of his evangelistic mission on the obvious love that his true disciples would have for one another.

In our Asian Access core values, this is expressed as “Live Community.”

LIVE Community

Vibrant, transformational Christian life is lived in community. We really are better together. We are committed to developing communities of Jesus followers that bridge ethnic, language, cultural, and denominational barriers. Asian Access’ learning communities create an environment that unites the Church, multiplies leaders and congregations, and extends the transforming power of the gospel.


More Information

Editor’s Note: David recently shared a devotional for a group of Asian Access leaders at the GProCongress in Bangkok. Entitled The Marks of a Disciple, David’s presentation speaks powerfully to the core values of Asian Access—so much so that we would love to share it with you...


David BennettABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rev. Dr. David Bennett is a veteran pastor, global researcher, and a passionate follower of Jesus. He currently serves as Global Associate Director for Collaboration and Content for the Lausanne Movement. David also serves on the Asian Access Board of Directors.

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