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Hi! I'm Takeshi Takazawa from Tokyo, Japan.

I would like to say a big thank you for you—each of you—who have heart for Asia, praying for Asia, giving financially to Asia, and going to Asia.

Thank you so much for getting involved in the ministry that God is doing right now in many countries of Asia. God is answering your prayer. God is working in and through you in Asia and this [video clip] is too short—I wish I could just come to you and and say face-to-face, "Thank you!" ...but I can't go to you. So please allow me to say this through the screen:

"Thank you so much. Your ministry and your prayer are happening. God has been answering your prayers in Asia and God is doing amazing work in Asia. Thank you so much!"


Takeshi Takazawa


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Takeshi Takazawa "Asian Access is coming alongside leaders to accomplish what God has called them to do in the way God has called them to do it. This is why I have been involved in this ministry for decades. Asian Access is not called to transfer knowledge, but to create learning communities. This is what gets me excited. I am convinced that true partnership always takes place in authentic community. Asian Access is committed to this type of community within and across cultures."

Takeshi Takazawa National Director, Asian Access/Japan

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