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Dear go2japan readers, 

Just a quick blog post to let you know of an upcoming change. As a result of Feedburner's email delivery service shutting down, go2japan is switching our email digest service to effective immediately.

You should not get emails of go2japan posts from Feedburner anymore, but starting with this message, you will receive them from

Fortunately, does offer more features than Feedburner. For example, you can now select to receive updates by email, but other delivery options and channels, as well (see You can even filter your emails with keywords/tags. That said, we believe the default "Newspaper" method is the option most people will prefer.

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If you don't currently receive go2japan updates via email, you can subscribe here: or fill out the form below (if it appears).


We thank you for your interest in go2japan. If you've already subscribed, you'll be hearing from us.

The go2japan team 

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