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Recently, I sprained my foot, which made walking unbearable. Yet, as the days went by, the pain subsided, and I was able to walk while limping.

hev IMG 2196A Parable

As I reflected further, I realized that my journey in preparation for moving to Japan was a similar process to my sprained foot.

The process and preparation required to be in Japan have been so stressful. Adding all the uncertainties that I'll face, the mental strain I've experienced has been intense. To become a missional partner in Japan, I have to leave my security, which is my work, and my comfort zone, which is the UAE. I have to leave friends and family and my church.

It was a daunting decision, yet a move that I need to make if I want to move forward.

Feeling Sprained & Stalled...

hev IMG 5207I felt that my whole life was sprained, and moving forward was pretty overwhelming.

I do believe that God has called me to go to Japan, yet letting go of the things I value to walk on the path where I felt God was leading me didn't come easy. I have to go to my secret place with God to take a step forward. As I went to God with all my fears and uncertainties, day by day, I found myself trusting Him more and more, until what I valued shifted.

hev IMG 5038...But God is Able

Releasing my grip on security and journeying with God into the realm of uncertainties allowed me to discover Him more piece by piece. I have been amazed at how God allowed me to experience how able and faithful He is.

I'm yet to step on the land of my promise, yet I know that He who calls is faithful to fulfill what He has promised. I'm so excited to see what He is able to do through me as we venture into uncharted territories.

Hanna Rose

Hanna RoseHANNA ROSE is currently preparing to serve as a missional partner in Japan. She was born and raised in a small town in the middle part of the Philippines and is an expat of a beautiful Arab country. Hanna enjoys meeting people with different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs, and loves exploring their food! She states, "I'm someone who talks a lot and still learning how to stop!"


  • Photo credits:
    • Cover photo of iconic Al Reem Island buildings, Gate Towers, The Arc, The Sun Tower and The Sky Tower, seen at sunset by Kamil Rogalinski on Unsplash. This is where Hanna used to work!
    • Additional photos of co-workers and friends courtesy of Hanna Rose.
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