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Moving from Questions to Steps of Faith 

Will I ever be ready to walk the path that God has prepared for me? Will I ever be so sure that this is the path God laid out for me? Do I keep waiting for that green light to appear vividly out of nowhere?

These are the thoughts battling in my mind. I have been waiting and waiting, and it wasn't until I took my first step that my confidence started building up, and my trust that God had called me into this journey found its foothold.

The path toward a cross-cultural mission is not the easiest. It is full of uncertainties, fear, and loneliness. Yet, as I took that first step, He was faithful to guide my next.

First Small Step

woman walking down path biel morro HbcwP2Y1GFY 640px unsplashIt has been over three years, and despite the hundreds of questions I had, I took my first small step and said yes to God. The yes that comes out of desperation in wanting to obey the desire that God has put in my heart.

Living in a city where there are endless opportunities, and the future seems to be brighter, walking into a different path is not the best choice. The moment I gave my yes to God, I have to lay down the plans that I have for myself, and hold on to the unknown plans that God has for me.

Being surrounded by people who are working hard to strive for the plans that they have, and I look at myself, wondering if letting go would truly be worth it. Suddenly, I’m in the midst of the crowd and I was feeling left out. No matter how much I try to reach out, it seems that they can’t understand me. I felt so alone, and it was so lonely, even though I’m with people who love me.

I am a people person, yet I found myself stuck in the corner. It was when God’s promise in Matthew 28:20, “…surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” becomes my reality. When no one seems to understand me, I found my comfort in Him. God becomes my Person, and I become His.

There were moments when the easiest option was running away. I did run away and hide myself from God. I fought and justified my actions, yet with His grace, I always found myself back to where I ran away.

Unfolding Faithfulness

lit pathway patrick fore 74TufExdP3Y 640px unsplashAs I strive to keep moving forward, each step, God unfolds His faithfulness. He wasn't just paving the way; He was also molding me to see what He illuminates. Each roadblock brought me closer to Him, and I learned to rely a little deeper.

It humbles me to realize that He has chosen me for the great works that He has planned. God has chosen me! Me, who is lacking, fearful, and unworthy. Even with my mishaps, He didn't change His mind and continually led the way forward.

Final Stretch of Waiting

Now, God has faithfully provided all my needs! I'm on my final stretch of waiting to finally take a step on the land of my promise. I started with uncertain steps, yet as I kept moving forward, each step found its confidence in His promises.

In John 15:16, I did not choose Him, but I was chosen by God that I might go and bear fruits – fruits that will last- and so that whatever I ask in His name, the Father will give it to me. To be standing where I am now, it is a testament of His faithfulness. “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it” (1 Thess. 5:24).

I’ve learned that our obedience to walk the path less taken is never easy, yet as we overcome those daunting steps, God is always faithful to guide and lead us to where He wants us to be.

Hanna Rose Evardone

Hanna EvardoneHANNA EVARDONE is currently preparing to serve as a missional partner in Japan. She was born and raised in a small town in the middle part of the Philippines and is an expat of a beautiful Arab country. Hanna enjoys meeting people with different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs, and loves exploring their food! She states, "I'm someone who talks a lot and still learning how to stop!"




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