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After a few months hiatus from my Asian Access blog, please excuse me, as I take the lame girl way and fast forward by the last few months, including heartbreaking events such as saying goodbye to my wonderful Okinawan church, as well as the joy of returning home to the familiar place of Vancouver.

One of the highlights of this summer on furlough has been co-leading a cell group at my home church for artists. Each week as Sheila and I hash out details for the week, we nurse a deep fear that “this is the week, this whole thing crashes and burns.”   Surprisingly we haven’t yet, and it’s been exciting to see how God will use our group to show himself in new ways each Wednesday.  This has been exciting as I explore the way art can speak to people about who God is, along with the current struggle of how I can take this back to Japan and use it in ministry context there. 

“Pursuing wholeness through the arts, in community” was part of our vision for this group and as we meet and hear from others with different backgrounds and gifts there have been moments when I have seen glimpses of God in such sharp clarity.  I think when we speak from our place of joy and passion we become more the person that God created us to be, and seeing each person talk from their place of passion makes that person more human to me, which in turn allows me to be more human.  We are all of us, our prayer, is to become more human this summer.


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