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For those of you following the support raising saga.

-We are at 90% of our monthly pledges as of my writing this. Only 10% away from full support!
-A few weeks ago we received word that the Japan office had sent in our paperwork for our certificate of eligibility. This was of course followed quickly by our introduction to Japanese bureaucracy.
Turns out by include a standard passport photo (2x2 in), The Japanese government actually meant include a weirdly sized passport style photo (30 x 40 mm). After finding this out we searched Fresno for the only photo lab that would custom print passport photos. Thank you Fotech labs! We love you. Before the end of the week, we had the new photos in, and the C.O.E. process officially began.
Please keep this process in your prayers. Getting our C.O.E could take anywhere from 1 to 2 months, depending on how fast the Japanese government processes the paperwork. Once it is issued, we will have 90 days to be in Japan before it expires.

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