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If you cross your eyes, Then they will stick that way.

If it is raining, Then you will need an umbrella.
If you give a mouse a cookie, Then he'll want a drink of water...
If, then statements have been ruling our lives and our schedules. It is quite hard to make plans when you don't know what the next months hold. Likewise, it is hard to get people excited about the future when the details are uncertain.
In the realm of future ministry in Japan, future moving plans, future plans with family; If-Then's have been the only thing we can plan on. I would like to share, in general, where we are and what our time line looks like at this time through the lens of our if's and then's.
For those of you (like me) who like to deal in certainties, actualities, and dates; I am sorry, welcome to our world.
As of writing this we are at 76% in monthly support commitments.
If we reach 85% in monthly support commitments, Then we can leave, at most, 3 months after that point.
SO, If that happens in Late October, then we will leave in Late January.
If that happens in Mid-November, then we will leave in Mid-February.
If that happens in Late November, Then we will leave in Late February.
The amount of time it takes between getting to 85% and getting on a plane for Japan depends on how long it takes to get a certificate of eligibility to work in Japan, and how quickly the rest of our support comes in.
So, If it takes 1 month to get the Certificate of eligibility, and our remaining support comes in quickly, Then we can leave earlier.
If it takes 2 months to get the certificate of eligibility, and our remaining support comes in slowly, Then we will leave later.
the Japanese Yen is at an all time high against the Dollar, which mean that the Dollar has less purchasing power in Japan. This has effected our support ( we were at 80% before the Yen jumped).
So, If the Yen lowers back to normal, Then we will be closer to reaching our goals, and leaving for Japan.
If the Yen stays where it is, Then we will continue to raise support to make up for the decreased purchase power of the Yen.
Please pray with us that God would continue to orchestrate our plans and that we would be content to trust Him for each new day.

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