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We have set up a forum to talk.  Please post prayers, questions, thoughts regarding the Japan earthquake & tsunami in our forum set up for this purpose:

  • Want to offer a prayer for Japanese people? Let's pray together. Share what you are praying so we can pray with you.

  • Have a question or concern or just want to share your reflections? Let us talk together in community.
  • Are you interested in going to be a part of relief efforts? Please let us know by making a post. Keep in mind that it will likely be a while before workers can actually be deployed into the disaster zone.  While access to hard-hit areas is severely restricted, coordination with churches and other organizations is well underway. Hopefully we'll be able to announce more information soon.
  • Share resources to distribute information about anything related to the disaster. Notifying everyone about web pages, news stories, updates, articles, photos, and videos will be helpful to the community.

Please do not send questions messages to our general email address.  Instead, it's best to post them here where several people can see them and respond.  Chances are that several people have the same questions, and this will benefit everyone involved.

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