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We are so thankful for the response of friends regarding the situation here in Japan. Several have written asking what they can do.

But first, the following definitions are given to be helpful for understanding the aftermath of a crisis like this.
  1. Rescue: this is what is currently taking place. This is done by professionals, and we need to trust them with this phase.
  2. Relief: can be defined as the urgent and temporary provision of emergency aid to reduce immediate suffering from a natural or man-made crisis. There is a need to halt the free fall, to stop the bleeding, and this is what relief attempts to do. It targets those who are largely incapable of helping themselves at the time. The Good Samaritan bandaging of the helpless and bleeding man is an excellent example of this. Once the rescue work is done and access to the region is opened to the public, groups on the ground here want to be ready to have teams going in bringing relief and initial assistance.
  3. Rehabilitation: begins as soon as the bleeding stops. It seeks to restore people and their communities to the positive elements of their pre-crisis condition. The key feature of rehabilitation is a dynamic of working with the victims as they participate in their own recovery. This is a much longer term involvement. One way to engage with this is to get churches inside and outside of Japan to become sister churches with those in the affected zone, working through them to bring help in rebuilding the communities. 


If you are interested in coming to Japan to help with the effort, I would suggest you not rush to the nearest airport! This is not the time for untrained teams to be coming into the country. Things are much too unstable here for this! There are professionals involved in the rescue, there are resident teams that are doing assessment for relief, and there are structures being constructed for coordinating outside teams for relief and rehabilitation. Instead it would be good to begin following the posts on the CRASH (Christian Relief Assistance, Support, and Hope) website. Through the experienced leadership of CRASH, many other mission groups including Asian Access are mobilizing together.  We will be doing our part to help in the work there, and we'll share more our connection to CRASH very soon.

As things stabilize, you can begin making plans for teams to come, but please do not expect missionaries to be available to support these teams unless you come through an organized structure such as CRASH. Asian Access is going to be working to assist churches where we have relationships within the Tohoku region beginning this summer. To get in on those conversations, please go to 
Let's continue to pray right now for the rescue phase underway... and for the rehabilitation and rebuilding phases to come.
Faith De La Cour
HRD Coordinator, Asian Access/Japan 

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