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Assisting CRASH and Sending our First Team Deployed

by Peter Thomson

As we have just announced, Asian Access is partnering with CRASH in order to provide immediate relief and long term care to the nation of Japan. We are doing this by providing logistical support staff, monetary aid and sending relief teams.

hari-joshua-2010-tightTwo members of Asian Access serve on the CRASH leadership team responding to this disaster:

1.) Rev. Joshua Hari, Assistant Director of JCGI Network (A2's pastor training ministry), is serving as the Coordinator for Containers and Shipping.  Myriad supplies will need to be shipped into the damaged areas.

Gary Bauman, Asian Access missionary in Japan

2.) Gary Bauman, Editor of Japan Harvest magazine and A2 missionary since 1988 is serving as CRASH's Internal Communications Director. 

Monetary donations may be made directly to Asian Access' Japan Tsunami Relief Fund or to CRASH. Asian Access will use funds received to both aid the work of CRASH and to provide relief to the hundreds of churches affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Asian Access missionaries partnered with CRASH to hold a training seminar near Osaka for volunteers responding to natural disasters. CRASH training seminar (Photo: Peter Thomson)

Interestingly, just one week prior to the earthquake and tsunami, Asian Access missionaries partnered with CRASH to hold a training seminar near Osaka for volunteers responding to natural disasters. These A2 missionaries have just been asked to form an advance team to help set up a base camp in one of the disaster areas that will be used to host volunteer teams. So Eric Takamoto, Kent Muhling and I are planning on going. We are finishing preparation and have plans to soon be on site. Our biggest obstacle is the fuel issue to be able to get back. We could leave Osaka as early as Friday, March 18.

Thank you for your prayers for all our staff serving in Japan and for the Japanese people. We believe that Asian Access, through this dynamic partnership with CRASH, will be the tangible hands and feet of Christ in this great time of need. Because we are not a relief agency, connecting with an experienced group like CRASH allows us to make immediate impact.  CRASH seeks to build up the local church to be able to continue ministering to the victims.

As we move into the relief and rehabilitation phases of this operation, we will be channeling support to our network of local churches on the ground, as this will be one of the most effective methods of providing long-term help is through local churches.


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If you're interested in volunteering to go to Japan, please make a post on the forum ( ).

Firsthand Report

Here is a video clip featuring Asian Access board of directors member, Phil Foxwell, who just recently returned from Shichigahama. Phil shares what he saw, people he met, and the condition of the city. For more pictures of the situation go to the Facebook page "Love on Japan | Crash Quake Relief."

P.S. - If you don't see the video clip, please go here:

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