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by Kent Muhling

 Erik's new roof rack

On the road again!  missionary colleague Erik Boehme and I left a couple hours ago, heading back up to the Touhoku region of Japan for another week of disaster volunteer service. Erik bought a roof rack for his car so we could carry a bit more supplies (though still not as much as that minivan I hope to buy!).  We asked friends for donations, bought more ourselves - clothes, diapers, and food, mostly - loaded up this morning and, after praying together with our families, headed out.

This trip is just two of us, Erik Boehme and myself.  We'll be joining another team, four men from a Japanese speaking church in Oregon, and friends of Erik.  We'll spend the night at my friend Pastor Nakazawa's house, then meet up with the team in the morning.   Oh, I almost forgot!  Remember that Pastor Nakazawa came to the evac center where I spent the night?  Well, since then he has been going back to that evac center 3 times per week, ministering to the people there.  Apparently our staying the night really helped cement a solid trusting relationship with the manager of the center and the residents as well.  I was so encouraged to hear that!

In case you're wondering, I'm typing in the car on my new iPhone (with a little help from a mini wireless keyboard) so I should be set for communication on the road this trip.

I look forward to telling you about this week's work as it unfolds.  Please pray:

  • That God would lead us to the right people at the right places, those who need the supplies we brought;
  • that we would be able to serve those in need well, whether it be shoveling mud, cleaning inside a building, or simply talking with people for their encouragement;
  • and for opportunities to witness to Christ also. Thank you for sharing in this ministry together with us through your encouragement and prayer!

Love in Christ,

Kent Muhling

Touhoku, here we come... again!Touhoku, here we come... again!Touhoku, here we come... again!Touhoku, here we come... again!

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