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For the past couple of months, S has been enjoying a game that has fallen out of favor in the US; dodgeball. I think the main reason she signed-up to play was to be with her friends, but she has made a good effort at attending before-school and weekend practices. Last week she took a shot to the face and now wears the honor badge of having received a bloody nose. When she came home from school and told me, I said, “Oh gee, I’m sorry. Are you OK?” She looked at me and said, “Oh, hmm, I thought you were just going to laugh at me.” She knows me well.

Here’s photo from a previous tournament.

Church of Dodgeball

The season’s second tournament on Sunday with a co-ed tournament for kids in our section of Sanda city. I watched two kids get slammed in the face and leave the court in tears. Hence, the reason for the game no longer being played in the US. S’s team took fourth. I told her, “Not good enough,” to which she rolled her eyes and replied, “Whatever.”

So what was good about spending four hours there? Besides hanging out with family and friends, here are two divine appointments.

  1. I spent about fifteen minutes talking with the former head of our community association. We covered a wide range of topics (including litigation and why dodgeball is not played in the US), and the interaction was wonderful. Everything hinges on relationships here, and I was able to take some great strides forward in getting to know key people. Our desire is for Kingdom transformation to take place in our city, and I know of no better way than by simply diving into relationships. Our influence is growing as we continue to connect deeply with our community.
  2. I had the chance to coach a young man after he got into a mild fist-fight with a friend. Unable to control his emotions, I was able to take him aside for about ten minutes and help him work though things. First, I just accepted him in the moment. When he calmed down a little, I listened to his feelings. Then  we talked about the next steps for reconciliation. Finally, the two got together, talked it through, and apologized to one another. I left them laughing and sharing snacks.

It was great to take the Church to the community and be a Kingdom influence.

Dodgeball, anyone?

Church of Dodgeball

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