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We pray it encourages, reminds, and helps people to pray.  The words that we hear so often from the people in Ishinomaki is – “please don’t forget us!”

The words that we continue to hear from God –

“Go and let them know of my love and that I have not forgotten them.”

Up in Ishinomaki, Eric and the Be one group have had numerous opportunities to remember, pray, and worship with the people of Ishinomaki.  They have wanted to be sensitive to the various ways that those who are grieving want to remember this weekend.  Eric yesterday visited some of his good friends there and just sat and talked with them — perhaps what they have needed most.  Some of them have wanted to stay home this weekend; some have chosen to be part of gatherings of Be One.  Our friend Mike is up with Be One this weekend and shared a brief update on the get together last night  here.  Right now there is another gathering, remembering, and worship at the Be One house.  How much we desire those in great pain find hope and fellowship in the midst of their suffering.

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