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imageThis morning in staff meeting we played an observation game.  We divided up into two teams.  Team A turned around, faced the wall, with eyes closed.  Team B had about 2 or 3 minutes to change 12 things about themselves.  Chiaki wore my wedding ring; two women switched blouses/smocks; we switched out two scarves and two...

imageOur five-year-old saved the day!

Today in Japan, many people celebrate the day before spring by a ritual to cleanse away the evil from the former year, and hopefully bring good fortune to the coming year.  Traditionally participants will  wear the masks of evil spirits and throw beans as a symbol of driving away the evil spirits....

takamotos 350Yesterday as the weekend was approaching at the social enterprise where I am working, one of the staff shared that her daughter has her major college entrance examination this weekend.  She would need to drive to Sendai (an hour or so), and stay in a hotel for two nights with her dad in order to take the tests on Sunday and Monday.  She has been preparing for a YEAR for these tests;  going every day to a cram school after her regular high school in order to prepare for this test. At the end of the day, three of us gathered around our staff worker and prayed for her and her daughter. It is a really huge deal; and apparently it is also a ton of money.  It was special to have that time to pray together...

imageOne of my “bents” is finding unique ways to celebrate people that I love.  This can mean making a unique cake for friends, surprise parties, even wacky practical jokes.

This interest plays out in our family.  For numerous reasons, I have searched for effective ways to celebrate and remember who we are.  I think in my...

img 6216Today, December 25th:

It snowed twice—beautiful big snowflakes this morning as our family was assembling to open gifts, and then driving home tonight from Christmas dinner with friends.  It melted in between but it was a beautiful Christmas morning and evening.  Something about snow is pure and new and touches me. We had a crazy 5.5...

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